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ATOS Assessment, some questions...Help

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ATOS Assessment, some questions...Help

edited 13 July 2018 at 12:04AM in Benefits & Tax Credits
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gemmakinggemmaking Forumite
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edited 13 July 2018 at 12:04AM in Benefits & Tax Credits
Previously I had some questions about a PIP claim,
it has been found out that the questionnaire is with Independent assessment services

One thing, they wrote a letter asking that they would be writing to one of our health professionals to get more info.

This was to a health professional we saw 10 years ago, which we had included on the form (not the GP) and the PIP department did NOT manage to get the information that they required (as it was 10 years ago,perhaps that health professional moved on?)

EDIT NOTE: Only that piece was 10 years, the rest of the evidence is up to date (the bulk is recent evidence)

(The PIP questionnaire + Answers was very detailed, with solid recent evidence)

1) Does the fact that they did not get the info that they required, mean that there is a high chance a face to face will be required?

To an atos assessment don't use public transport
When people advise, get driven in to the center, and ,
as a bus it looks like you can then manage public transport.

2) Is a taxi considered public transport?
How about a Taxi/cab, which can wait there in the building with you/for you.

Is a taxi considered public transport?

3) When they say, be careful on how you answer question that the Health professional answers,

if you just act a bit sluggish/slow/ not with it, and avoid answering many questions - due to a noted mental condition (which will give the nurse no exact answer to write down) then can this work against you?
can she write down her own nonsense, which will work against the applicant ?

In otherwords, if staying silent and blanking most questions, can that give her more reason to write her own lies up? compared to if you spoke your own tactful answers?

4) Questions they ask
Do they just ask the similar type of questions which is on the PIP how your health affects you questionnaire?
with some additional questions too?

or their answers are similar and they ask more questions?

5) Bringing in evidence
Can you bring in evidence in, (sheets, reports) which have already been send it, but just to refer to them throughout the face to face?

or does the fact that we will be referring to them show that we are mentally well enough to use such a method, and can work against us?

6) How long can this Atos PIP assessment take?

and when you get there in the waiting room, is there a long wait?

7) What is the deal on 'recording' the interview on your phone (record app) so you have it as evidence? you can if you ask her?

8) They question when they ask "do or have you have suicide thoughts before" what is asking this question about?

if you say yes, would that advantage your case in any way?

Please can you assist with some of the above questions, for this anxious time :(

Thank you x


  • paragon909paragon909 Forumite
    1.5K posts
    This forum isn't designed to help people pass assessments or lie, like saying yes to being suicidal when you aren't, Or getting a taxi to maybe help ones case, Why would you send evidence that is 10 years old! No wonder DWP or Assessors found it likely unreliable.

    Seems you are trying to get certain answers to try and fool DWP and the assessors or get an award. if i was the case handler I would refer you for a benefit review with a result of suspending your benefit!

    Ridiculous post.
  • PrinzessileinPrinzessilein Forumite
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    Tenth Anniversary 1,000 Posts
    If you are asking for advice on getting through the PiP assessment, then my advice - having been through a number of assessments including DLA and more recently PiP is....tell the truth!

    Your questions seem to be geared towards building up some sort of 'perfect script' of answers and behaviour to guarantee an award...this isn't possible!

    In answer to your points..

    1)Impossible to say...but probably you will need a face-to-face, most people do,

    2) Yes, a taxi CAN be seen as public transport.


    4)They have a form to fill out on their computer...based around the PiP form you filled out.

    5)Yes you can bring in papers and refer to them....and yes, doing so would go against you if you state you cannot understand written material...TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!

    6) How long is a piece of string?

    7) You can ask to record the interview...they can refuse (and likely will)
    ...they can arrange to record the interview for you (but in my experience will find a myriad of reasons not to...or the equipment will go missing/break down on the day)

    8) It is asking if you have suicidal thoughts!....TELL THE TRUTH!!!!

    I fully understand that assessments are stressful - but remember you can have someone with you for support.
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