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Anyone fed up with the heatwave?

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  • GloomendoomGloomendoom Forumite
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    We spend part of every year in Australia. In my experience, while air con is commonly used in shops and offices, not every domestic house has it and even if they do, it only gets turned on when it gets really warm, usually at night. Lots of ceiling fans though and people get up early.
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  • edited 8 July 2018 at 10:16AM
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    edited 8 July 2018 at 10:16AM
    June was an exceptionally dry month for England and Wales, following a dry spring.


    Temperatures were high, but I expect the first part of June wasn't as hot.


    In recent weeks I think the North and West have received hottest weather relative to normal, hence the records that have been broken are there.

    Glasgow (United Kingdom) max. 31.9
    Belfast Airport (United Kingdom) max. 29.5
    Eskdalemuir (United Kingdom) max. 29.9
    Castlederg (United Kingdom) max. 30.2
    Shannon (Ireland) max. 32
  • heatherw_01heatherw_01 Forumite, Board Guide
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    No. It is cold in this country so much I am thankful for the warmth.
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  • bolistonboliston Forumite
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    FBaby wrote: »
    This is exceptional, so instead of moaning about it, how about trying to see the positives that come with it and make the best of them? Don't worry, the dreadful summers will be back next year and many afterwards and all will moan about the cost of travel abroad because after all, we all deserve to go and get some sunshine!

    I would not want to pay to be even hotter! I love going abroad but generally choose destinations and times where i will not be cooked such as copenhagen in september (still t shirt & shorts weather but not actually feeling like being griddled)
  • SpidernickSpidernick Forumite
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    A 'dry spring', Cepheus?! In all my life I have never known as much rain in the spring as this year! Did you mistype?
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  • peachypricepeachyprice Forumite
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    Some years later we lived in Germany...strict laws on working in the heat (schools and work would close if the temperature rose too high)...afternoon 'quiet times' were strictly observed - some places the town centre simply shut down for an hour or two - no shops open, no cafes

    Now I live in the UK, by the sea...the very second that the sun peeps out then folks are stripping off, burning themselves lobster red, dehydrating and then rehydrating by quaffing pints of chilled beer and alcopos...and every year there are warnings about seabathing (especially in one area) and EVERY year the warnings are ignored (with tragic results on occasion)….. I really don't 'get' the British attitude to summer!...but the same folks cone back year after year and say they have had a fantastic holiday...and it brings in much needed revenue to an economically-dying town, so I guess it has its benefits too!

    You mean exactly how Germans behave when they go abroad to southern Europe then?
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  • daveyjpdaveyjp Forumite
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    Spidernick wrote: »
    A 'dry spring', Cepheus?! In all my life I have never known as much rain in the spring as this year! Did you mistype?

    Depends where you live. Some areas have had huge storms and downfalls, others areas have had very little rain.

    Met weather define spring is April May and June.

    Where I am it snowed heavily in March and over Easter which was just into April. May day holiday was one of the warmest on record.

    Not much rain after Easter, a few mm in May and none in June and so far no sign of any rain in July.
  • Mrs_ArcanumMrs_Arcanum Forumite
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    Spidernick wrote: »
    A 'dry spring', Cepheus?! In all my life I have never known as much rain in the spring as this year! Did you mistype?
    Huge floods and downpours do not benefit the ground the way normal spring rains do.
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  • Gavin83Gavin83 Forumite
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    FBaby wrote: »
    This is exceptional, so instead of moaning about it, how about trying to see the positives that come with it and make the best of them?

    I genuinely can't think of a single positive. Big fan of the usual English 'crappy' summers here.

    I've been in 45 degree heat in some places, this feels worse.
  • A_Flock_Of_SheepA_Flock_Of_Sheep Forumite
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    Think I might book a vacation to Reykjavic.

    Weather there seems much nicer.
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