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Simply Cook Recipe Boxes

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DeaniedDeanied Forumite
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Simply cook are a company that deliver boxes to your door with the ingredients to make 4 meals for two. (fresh ingredients are not includes, so just the recipe, seasoning, oil etc)

The boxes are £10 but you can claim your first FREE BOX by entering code chef2 at checkout/signup page.

You have to enter your card details as it signs you up to a subscription, but you can cancel after the first one if you don't want any more.


  • cte1111cte1111 Forumite
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    If you use my referral link, then your first box from Simply Cook will be half price, so £5

    The box contains items to make 4 meals for 2 people, although you do need to buy the fresh items. There is a gluten free option.
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    paulofaluspaulofalus Forumite
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    They call it new concept recipe kits but it's basically some recipes and some high quality flavour packets. It just makes it easy to try some new food ideas.
      They post you a
    slimline box (that fits through the letterbox) with the spices and flavours
      if you haven't go them already, you buy the other ingredients from your favourite shop or market and
      away you go. :D Full flavoured meals in minutes!

    Each box contains 4 meals (for 2-3 people each).

    The normal price is £8.99 which is a bit steep, but you can cancel after your trial box if you want to.

    But if you use my referral link, you get your first box for £1.

    Click here to get 4 meal kits for £1 >>> <<<

    You get a BARGAIN and I also get a free box, so it's a win-win.
    And we both go to bed with happy tums. :D

    For your trial box you can choose from Discovery, Light or Gluten Free.
    You do sign up (with a credit card) but you can change the frequency they send you boxes and you can pause or cancel deliveries in your account.
    You can also choose which meals you want to try or ones you definitely don't.
    They even let you set the hotness level.

    For a quid, it's a cheap way to have a bit of fun with a friend...

    ...reply back here to let us know which recipes provide the most. ;)

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    luckyducksluckyducks Forumite
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    Get your first box for Free at Simply Cook. I will get a box for half price for referring. Thanks :)

    A SimplyCook box contains the simple recipes and flavour blends to cook 4 delicious meals. You just add a few ingredients from your fridge to enjoy some of the world's tasitest dishes in just 20 mins.
    Wins 2016: March - Cadbury's Easter Treasure Box.
    :heart2: Thanks to all who post :heart2:
  • Out simply a box with herbs and marinates in it for four meals that you pick out of a bunch. Meals are quite diverse so it has allowed me to try new recipes and push my cooking without having to invest in herbs, spice etc that I may not use again.

    Recipes are easy and quick to follow.

    You get a £1.00 box and I get a free box for referring you!!
  • mourningmourning Forumite
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    If you click through this link you can get a Simply cook recipe box for £1.

    Admins - This is a referral link, didn't see anything in the t's and c's about posting them, but if its a problem then no worries. :)

    It is a subscription recipe box so just be sure to cancel your subscription after your first £1 box :)
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  • Forumite
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    Sixth Anniversary 10 Posts Combo Breaker
    here's my referral link if anyone wants to use it :)
  • lumilumi Forumite
    82 posts
    Here's my referral link to get your first Simply Cook box (which contains 4 recipe kits) for only £1.

    Tip: Set your frequency to 'monthly' so you'll have plenty of time to try out the first 4 meals and decide if you'd like to cancel or continue. Before trying it I had thought I'd cancel after the first one but loved it far too much. The spice blends you get are usually those that aren't available in the supermarket and as it is all pre-measured, it really does help you make something different and delicious quite quickly.
  • Get a Simply Cook box for just £1, pay no delivery and you can cancel your subscription. Each box contains 4 delicious recipe kits all ready in under 30 mins. Go to the Simply Cook website and grab yourself a bargain with this code CR4415 Or follow this link
  • If anyone wants to try this and get their first box for £1 please sign up and use my referral SL7513 (I will also get a free box)

    "Inside your trial box you’ll find recipe kits that make it so simple to cook four delicious meals. Each kit is bursting with stocks, spices, glazes and more, all perfectly blended by our expert chefs to provide your meals with truly amazing flavour.

    Following the step-by-step recipes you add the SimplyCook ingredient blends and a few basic items of your own. And voila! You have an incredible dish for two to four people cooked from scratch in just 20 minutes.

    Enter this code at checkout to claim your exclusive referral offer: SL7513"

  • You can get your first simply cook box for just £1 with free delivery using my referal code: KH8498
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