Car insurance tip: distant start date = lower cost

Hi Folks

I accidentally found how much a late start date can hike up your car insurance.

I needed to insure a car that's been off road, to get the MOT done. I'd got a quote for around £330 but intending to shop around a bit, had forgotten to finalise it.
When I rang, to get cover starting the same day was almost £400.

As it happened, due to battery problems the garage agreed to collect and deliver the car, and I don't need to use it immediately, so I tried moving the start date.

Postponing the start date by only 2 days reduced the price by £50.
Moving it another 2 weeks brought the price down to £316.

Of course agents tend to be on commission, so although they will ask what date you want to start cover, they may not tell you upfront that a couple of days will make such a massive difference! Insurers may see a rush to insure as an "emergency" scenario suggesting a higher-risk customer perhaps?

I will be keeping a beady eye on renewal dates from now on, and getting the quote sorted well ahead of time.
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