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Account Started !!!8211; 30/01/2009
Default Date !!!8211; 02/08/2014
Default Amount- £457
Default Entry Date !!!8211; 18/02/2018
Address- Apartment 21 Egremont XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I went to apply for a mortgage this week and was confident I'd be fine as I had a sterling credit record -The last time I checked in March anyways. My application was declined and upon checking my credit profile, I found the above entry. Indeed I had an account with British Gas (BG) during this period, I moved out of the property in July 2013. I had a direct debit set up on a joint account with my ex girlfriend so payment was made promptly.

When I moved out, I informed BG and provided them with a forwarding address for the final bill. I have since not heard from them or received any correspondence regarding any debt owed. Between June 2016 and July 2017, I opened a new account with BG at a new address without any qualms. No mention of money owed or an alleged defaulted account in 2014 was made neithre. I closed the latter account in 2017 with £0 balance.

I contacted BG on Tuesday regarding this and they said the last payment was received in Feb 2013 as the direct debit was cancelled (most certainly by my ex girlfriend), Given the account was under my name I believe I ought to have been contacted at some point either by telephone or letter. I also I imagine they are legally required to send default notice before applying this on my credit record?

Surely if i had indeed defaulted on an account in August 2014, this should have precluded me from opening a new account with the same provider in June 2016 right?? Or they should have at least made mention of this during the account opening telephone conversation.

What grates my cheese is that I have never heard from BG or even Lowell up until today. I was informed by BG that they have sold the account to Lowell when I contacted them yesterday. I am still waiting to hear from Lowell. Also If the last payment was received by BG in February 2013, shouldn't the 'default date' be between February and August 2013 ? The default date on my file is August 2014.

I am confused and at lost, my house purchase plan has been derailed and I am plainly very upset about this. I need help, please assist and kindly advise on how to resolve this. If you need any more info, please let me know.

Many thanks


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