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    So yesterday was a successful day. My eBay listings ended making me a nice £180.00. Still need to work out all the fees and postage but still a healthy profit.
    I am eagerly awaiting payday next Thursday so I can begin to to see if I can I spend with in my budget (I can do this). I’ve cut down a lot this month but it was a bit to late to set a budget and stick to it as I didn’t have my light bulb moment till last week.
    I still have a few bits and pieces to sell but after that the extra money towards debts has to come from a stricter budget.
    I’ve done really well at eating what I have in the freezer and made a meal plan and stuck to it.
    I have a girls night out tonight which again I would never have budgeted for but now I need to budget or say no.

    Right that’s me off to pack up some parcels.
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    So part of the secured loan is from your parents and is interest free and the other part is the Nationwide consolidation loan which probably encompasses a lot of your past holidays. Presumably around £34k is interest free then with repayments of £200 per month?

    You then have £17682 on HP? Is that the cars? What interest rate and when do they finish?

    Are the credit cards actually at 0%?

    Which debts are you tackling first or are you saving for emergency fund for now?
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    Happy new diary.
    debt consolidated 16/8/18 £9,788.01/£12,618.12 :( (Total debt at LBM 1st Jan '18 c..£19.5k)
    EF/FIT savings £97.24 Other Savings £12.17 House Deposit £4,762.64/£20,000 23.8% :D
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