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I haven't quite sussed this one yet, as I've only just heard about it from a friend.


To play you have to register and then pick 6 numbers. I'm not sure if you have to pick numbers each time, or if you can carry them over. The daily prize is £1,000

To enter the weekly draw you have to have played the daily at least three times in that week - they let you off having to play 3 times in your first week. This prize is a whopping £1,000,000.

There is also another draw on the site with a guaranteed prize pot. It's a minimum £50, but I think this rolls over if unclaimed.

It seems that big prizes are posted to the registered home address (presumably int he form of a cheque) Extra chance winner prizes are paid via Paypal or as an Amazon voucher. Prizes are underwritten by an insurance company. I guess that the odds of anyone winning the million must be very small, but, unlike the national lottery, at least it's free to enter.

Read how it works here: https://free-lottery.net/how-it-works

Feel free to add more info as and when anyone susses it.

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    Unlike most free ones where the draws are made only from entered tickets (postcode, dob etc) on this one they are from all possibly combinations so the odds of winning the daily or weekly jackpot are one in 201,359,550 (it is still free).
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