17 Months until Remortgage - £7,218.15 Debt to Go

Hello All

I'm new around here, been lurking for a while

I thought I'd start a diary to give me a bit of focus and feel that if I document what I need to achieve it makes me more accountable.

Anyway, I brought a house on my own last September after a 22 year relationship, unfortunately had to go 90% LTV but this will be below 85% when my fixed rate expires September 2019...in order to make sure I can get the best rate at that time the debt has to go.

I've spent years living beyond my means...I also have a new partner who is in the last year of an IVA so between us we dont have a great track record.

The debt is going to go, I'm going to get the best remortgage deal I can and hopefully reduce the term next year too if no debt

So as of now there's £7,218.15 to go by 31st August 2019!

Credit Card 1 - £1,622.62 - 0% interest until June 2019
Credit Card 2 - £3,599.99 - 0% interest until June 2019
Loan 1 - £1,756.86 (monthly payment £117 interest 5.9% ends June 2019)
Sofa finance - £238.68 (monthly payment £29.83 ends December 2018)

I currently have about £350 a month to make payments and 2 x £1,200 bonuses in that time, which still leaves me enough money to live but nothing extravagant. I just have to break the cycle of putting things on a credit card instead of waiting which has been made much worse by moving into a house that needs repair.

Anyway, I'll try and post frequently to keep me on the straight and narrow!
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