Does interest payment effect subscription year?

I'm 99% certain I know the answer to this, but just to be sure...

I am currently paying into the Ford regular savings Cash ISA. I intend to make a last payment on 2nd April (and skip the 12th payment in May) so as not to have paid into it during the 18/19 tax year.

However interest is due to be added on or around 23rd May 2018. If I wait until after the interest is paid and then transfer it, am I correct in thinking that I will not have subscribed to it during the 18/19 year (and so be able to transfer it to a non-cash ISA, and have the freedom to open a different cash ISA during 18/19 should I want to for any reason)?

I'm pretty sure I'm OK doing this, but if not, then could I transfer it to a non-cash ISA prior to the interest being paid instead and then just withdraw the interest?



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