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Octopus energy

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  • Hey Everyone,

    Octopus energy have emailed me with a referral code this Christmas, I think you'll be interested as they are a brilliant company. You get £50 for switching to them. Please see the following link which explains everything:

    I can honestly say that they are the best energy provider that I have ever used.
    Their customer service is always second to none!
    When I first bought my house I honestly hadn't a clue about tariffs etc but they helped explain everything.

    I've always been able to get through straight away to them and the people I have spoken to are always so polite and genuinely lovely people to speak to, always going the extra mile to help, they are clearly passionate about what they do- which is exactly what you want when speaking to your service provider.

    **They are running a special offer where we’ll each get £50 credit if you switch supplier, (plus the chance to win a Tesla Model X, Jaguar I-PACE, BMW i3 or Nissan LEAF in December). **

    I signed up to them originally because they source their energy in environmentally friendly ways and are cost effective and I genuinely think they are worth recommending.

    Here’s what else I like about them:

    -They’re the only Which? Recommended energy supplier. Which? compared over 60 different energy suppliers on everything from the speed of customer service to fair pricing, and Octopus were the only one to pass all their tests.

    They believe in sustainable and affordable energy. All their electricity is sourced from 100% renewable producers, meaning a cleaner, greener environment for everyone. And they’re great value as well, with price comparison websites listing them in their top 3 deals in many regions today.

    They don’t have any locked in contracts, and they don’t switch you to an expensive tariff when your fixed term comes to an end. In fact, you can leave at any time without a fee, so there really is nothing to lose in giving them a try!

    Switching takes just two minutes — just use my personal link to claim your £50 credit and your entry in the prize draw:

    Thanks, and enjoy the £50!
  • Hi all,

    I also have a £50 referral code and wholly agree with the other posters. Octopus are awesome - best cusotmer service, super transparent on prices and GREEN! No strings attached, just enter the code online for £50 credit:
  • How long do you typically wait before getting through on their helpline?
  • My partner set up our gas and electricity a few months ago after using the energy club on this website. He went with the cheapest option which had the best customer rating as we've had issues in the past when we go for the cheapest alone.

    We've had no issues since joining. We get monthly emails asking for meter readings, as we don't want a smart meter, which might be annoying for some people but they have a wheel of fortune thing where when you submit a reading, you have a chance of winning account credit - no luck so far! Overall, we are really happy and do not regret our decision, although that decision might not be right for you, so make sure you shop around before!

    If you determine that Octopus is for you, please click my referral link below for £50 free credit to your account (I will also receive the same amount for every successful referral)


    They are also doing a black friday competition thing at the moment where you could win an electric car for being a customer, but you increase your chances when you make referrals. So again, not only will this benefit me, but you could increase you chances (whilst also bagging you and your friends £50) at the chance of winning one! Good luck!
  • Hi, Get £50 from Octopus when you switch to them... I switched this morning using link directly above (thanks Davesignet6589).

    Please use my link and we'll both get £50 from Octopus.


    Best wishes
  • Important update! We have recently reviewed and updated our Forum Rules and FAQs. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the latest version.
  • I've recently changed to them but not had to call them yet. But the Which Review stated as below:

    'it’s not slow to answer the phone to customers, taking 2min 29sec on average in our investigation to put us through to a human.'

    It was also the second quickest provider in responding to emails. It is the only Which recommended power provider so probably has the best customer service out there at the moment.

    If you want to sign up you can get £50 off your first bill with the link below:

    Hope this helps,
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    Browntoa wrote: »
    Only post your referral once in the thread please

    And again ,..........
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  • filidibfilidib Forumite
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    Hi all,

    I just joined Octopus thanks to the code kindly shared by rixball. I'd now like to share my code for a £50 discount on the first bill.

    I cannot post links, so my code is the usual url // with 'fawn-snake-51' after the last /

  • ds1980ds1980 Forumite
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    Any help getting an ipace greatly appreciated!
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    step1974step1974 Forumite
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    Hi. Thanks for this thread. I got my £50 credit the day my 1st payment was taken. I like this Octopus Energy as when you put a meter read through the website, you get a balance straight away.

    So, if you would like £50 to your account,I am sharing a link. Then please come back and share your link. Thanks a lot.
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