Managing Funds in Isa/Jisa

After searching, researching and asking for 2 years, finally I have opened a stocks and shares isa with a initial £15000 saving and plan to do a regular investment of £700/month
As part of diversifying, I have invested in 10 funds and 2 etfs.
My wife is going to open a stocks and shares isa too with an initial investment of £12000(transfer from a cash isa). We are also going to transfer our children's ctf to jisa (total value at the moment is £26000)
The Jisas would be there for 6 and 10 years. Our isas would be there for more than 15 years. We are using Charles Stanley Direct.

My first question is: Should I keep the same 10 funds I have, in all 4 accounts for ease of management or should I select some different funds in different accounts?

Second question is about managing active funds yourself. I understand that fund prices do go up as well as down, so it just can't be the price you monitor as part of managing fund.
So can someone give an idea in a generic term about what to look for when managing funds yourself.


  • MallyGirl
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    It might be worth reading through this thread:

    that sounds like quite a lot to manage for not massive amounts of money. If you regularly invest there will be 12 x fees per month on that setup, unless you buy a different one each month.
    You should choose the investments that meet the goals of the investor - it is unlikely that your goals will be the same as a 12 year old's and your timeframes are quite different too.
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  • Hi MallyGirl
    Thanks for replying. I'll read that forum and see how it can help with my question.
    About the amount, our total initial investment in all 4 accounts is £53000 and total regular monthly investment would be £2100.
    There won't be any monthly fees the regular investments would be in funds only. The only charges are platform+fund charges. I won't be investing into etfs regularly

    So about funds, should I keep same 10 funds in all accounts.
  • Linton
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    For maximum benefit I think you should have 3 different portfolios, one for your ISAs and one for each of the JISAs. The problem is that the time scales are so different that something safe for the 6 year JISA will be far too cautious for your 15 year ISAs.

    To keep things simple you could do something like...
    Create a higher risk (perhaps 100% equity) set of funds (A) and a very cautious set of funds (B). Your ISAs could be 100% A, the 6 year JISA perhaps 20%A and 80% B and the 10 year JISA perhaps 60% A and 40% B. As time moves forwards you could steadily reduce the %A's and increase the %Bs in each portfolio. B at the moment could even be cash.
  • I think I did not put enough info and expressed myself correctly.
    Let me start again.
    The portfolio of 10 funds is a mixture of 2 bond funds, 2 index trackers and 6 high risk funds in US, Japan, China, small companies and emerging markets.
    Should I keep the same risk factors for jisas or should I take more conservative approach towards jisas.

    The other question about different funds, say for example there are two funds from different companies with similar holdings. Should I just stick with one company or should I held one in one isa and the other in the 2nd isa.

    I hope I am little bit clear now.
  • Thanks Linton.
    I think that's what I was looking for. Your reply makes a lot of sense. I'll work on that formulae.
  • Alexland
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    All sounds a lot of admin for a limited amount of money. Have you considered putting the JISA money into a target date fund which will do the rebalancing and volatility reduction automatically? Do you have a view of when the children are likely to need the money? E.g. uni fees at 17, house deposit at 25, etc to understand the risk they can tolerate?
  • Hi Alexland
    Sorry I fail to understand when you say limited amount of money. For an average saver/investor like me this is a lot of money and over the years it will grow as more is invested.

    BTW can you please elaborate on target date fund jisa. Can you please tell me the providers of such jisas.

    It is unlikely that children will need money during uni. Most likely for the house deposit.
  • Alexland
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    4 x 10 funds is 40 individual fund holdings so only a small amount of money per fund holding when it may be possible to have just a single low cost multi-asset fund in each account to give you a good spread of asset classes and global footprint.

    For example, for the Junior ISAs, Vanguard have target date funds (usually used for people retiring and buying annuities) which automatically reduce risk and volatility as the withdrawal date (the likely house purchase date) approaches. Don't worry about the fund name as the principal works for any target withdrawal date:

    Total cost 0.15% platform + 0 24% fund per year = 0.39%

  • rajkanwal
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    Thanks Alexland.
    I was never going to invest into 40 funds, too much to manage. I am working on Linton's idea and have selected 14 funds, a mixture of equity(10) and cautious(4) funds. In ISA, I'll keep 10 equity funds and in Jisa I am going to do 60/40 and 40/60 and move towards more cautious funds near the time. The maximum amount of funds in any account would be 10.

    I'll have a look at Vanguard and see which strategy would be better.
    At the moment I think, I have done best to my ability with the help of you guys.
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