PPI Reclaim Companies MISS SELLING

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Ok here goes.....

So I was contacted by phone from a PPI Reclaim company! I was told they would act on my behalf and that there fees were 35% IF the claim was successful, they told me that all I have to do is sign the document and send them back, which I did.

So this week I get a successful claim and receive a £1600, cheque. But when I told the company this they said there fees were 35% plus VAT which was a shock as that is now 42% of my claim.

I was then invoiced for £1800 and out of that £791 was their fee costs. I called them to explain that i only received 1600 they confirmed that they go by the gross amount again I was shocked ! Apparently I was deducted 20% income tax off the claim which resulted in me greeting £1600 rather than £1800.

So you can imagine I'm vet upset and feel I have been treated un fairly, I mean a PPI company miss selling there services to reclaim back your PPI, So out of a chq for £1600 I get £900 because of the hidden VAT costs and Gross amount that they failed to tell and explain to me.

I have told them if i was told on the very first phone call that it was 35% + VAT of the GROSS amount then I would have said no, and they wouldn't have had the chance to send the documents, out to me. I have other claims going through which i have said i want to cancel as i feel ive been miss sold and the cancellation cost of each one is £145+vat.

So can I take this further to the financial ombudsmen despite me having signed the T&Cs

This makes me sick! I'm a vulnerable single mum with depression and this has made me relapse!

Please HELP thank you for reading


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