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ese Free Solar PV Health Check?

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  • mj1mj1 Forumite
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    I had a call from British Trading Solar Association last week and they were trying to sell annual maintenance and said I was out of warranty.

    I asked them to e-mail the details and gave a dead letter drop to be safe(er).

    I was not expecting an e-mail but I did get one this morning and it was ESE trying to sell a maintenance package at £19.99 per month.

    THIS IS NOT a good service for anyone with Solar Panels. £240 a year for a check!

    Please be aware and do not be tempted as all they effectively offer for that is a yearly visual inspection and they will no doubt use it as an opportunity to milk you for a new inverter.

    The only thing that will need replacing on your solar system is the inverter and an excellent one will cost no more than £700 while cheap tat comes in around £300. Guess what you might get installed if they deem your inverter needs replacing...

    This is a company treading a very fine line and I post this as a warning to others in the hope they do not fall prey to such services...

    Finally they make use of the name British Trading Solar Association, you do a search for BTSA and no such company exists yet ESE use that as there personal e-mail address. I wonder why?

    Buyer Beware....
  • I have had a phone call regarding 'a free health check' for solar panel system as "many installers have gone out of business since installation and there have been instances of inverters overheating" I declined the offer of a check, and was told that systems should be checked anually and was asked when it was last serviced. After the call I began to wonder what the actual situation was and searched for solar panel servicing requirements which led me here. My concern now is regarding safety, although system appears to be functioning, could there be a problem - surely if inverter overheats - trip switch would activate? I don't consider myself vulnerable - maybe I should reconsider that :rotfl:
  • If inverters get too warm, they first derate their output to allow the unit to cool. If they get warmer they then shut down. Inverters aren't 'dumb' devices, they monitor temperature, voltage, frequency and all sorts of other things.

    ESE are just another scumbag organisation trying to get their "foot in your door" so that they can sell you so-called "upgrades" for your system.
  • ShamsanShamsan Forumite
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    Recently had a letter with almost identical wording from a company giving a liverpool address and calling itself "[FONT=&quot]British Trading Solar Association" as well as a "Ltd" name not tracable.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]There is a lot of stolen data about solar panels in circulation. There is no "national list" which is legally available to companies.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]I threw the letter away.[/FONT]
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    kookaburrakookaburra Forumite
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    Either “ese” has rebranded or another group has copied their letter (“free health check and service” etc). I received a letter yesterday under the banner of BTSA - British Trading Solar Association.

    Many thanks for all the previous posters - it’s now going in the shredding and on its way to the compost heap!:j
  • Just received the same letter from BTSA and tried sending a GDPR right to be forgotten message to the email given on the letter [email protected] but it has bounced as the address couldn't be found or is unable to receive email.

    Clearly shows this is another SCAM.

    Details from letter:

    BT Solar Ltd, Unit 107a Goodlass Road, L24 9HJ
    Company No. 11249569

    Details from Companies House:
    39, Halton Brow, 39, Halton Brow, Runcorn, England, WA7 2EH

    Director: Brian Thompson

    Warning from Warwickshire County Council:
    Free solar panel ‘health check’
    Owners of solar panels are warned to beware of letters and cold calls from bogus/high pressure companies offering solar panel ‘health checks’ that are in reality an opportunity to sell the resident highly priced and unnecessary warranties and additional solar panel equipment.
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    MP2017rachMP2017rach Forumite
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    This company sent the same letter to my mother who is elderly and confused.
    The fact that the letters have been printed with the same bar code number which is clearly intended as a unique reference which we all now know is a falsehood, could be viewed as fraudulent activity.

    They sent it to the wrong victim this time as I work for an institution that investigates suspected commercial fraud investigations, so I will be taking great pleasure in using my skills voluntarily to learn as much information about this company, the people behind it and any businesses that they also own.

    The BTSA letter sent out by ESE Services is a bypass to try to insinuate that BTSA have nothing to do with ESE Services.

    ESE also sent out the original letters before they where warned by numerous instutions including RECC who have basically given ESE their final warnings.

    The explanation given to the councils who complained about the letters was that ESE Consultants, a marketing company with no relation to ESE Services had sent them out to council residents and that the owner of ESE would reprimand ESE consultants about their actions and that it would not happen again.

    So basically, the owner of ESE Services who also owns ESE Consultants spent five minutes telling himself off then set up BTSA to carry on sending the very same letters that the councils and other bodies had warned ESE not to.

    ESE Services (BTSA) are in no way connected to other bodies such as the British Solar Trade Association who are aware of what ESE Services have done with the name and the letter.
  • Merlin139Merlin139 Forumite
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    Last year they went to great lengths to get posts removed from MSE about the company. I had the threat of legal action taken against me.

    I just said what I wanted to say in a different way. As you can see from my posts on this subject they seem to have gone into hiding.
    3.975 kWp PV SolarEdge System South Facing 10% Shading Installed 21 May 2014 Located in Mid East Yorkshire.
  • Seems that ESE have now moved into air source heat pumps so it would not be a surprise to see more letters suggesting that the house could flood unless the homeowner bought an air source heap pump from them. I wonder if they will use the same trick with a salesman dressed in a yellow jacket and carrying a tape measure pretending he is an engineer.
  • After consulting trading standards and showing the letter to one of our legal team, they have quantified that the act of using the exact same barcode on every letter while giving the impression that is unique to each letter and customer is indeed fraudulent.

    The one sent to my mother has been sent to trading standards along with another obtained from a poster on here which shows trading standards that the barcode is exactly the same.

    I have even been able to get hold of a card they have used that had been designed to look like an emergency services calling card.

    The British Solar Association has found out about the letters sent out by ESE Services - British Trading Solar Association and ordered them to cease sending them out.

    Urgent: Fraud Alert
    It has come to our attention over the past few weeks that some consumers are being approached by fraudulent companies using STA branding, and/or purporting to be the STA. This has occurred in the form of letters from the ‘British Trading Solar Association’ offering homeowners ‘free solar health checks’ as well as employment opportunities through freelance jobs sites.

    We urge you to beware of any such communications as they are fraudulent.

    If you receive unsolicited letters from companies offering free services for your solar panels, we advise you to either ignore the letter completely or, if you are concerned, to contact your original installer or an MCS-accredited installer that is also a member of a consumer body such as RECC or HIES for advice. All STA installer members are verified by these bodies, meaning they adhere to strict trading standards. If you’d like to escalate your complaint, please report the incident to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06.

    Additionally, please note that the Solar Trade Association will always list employment opportunities on the careers page of our website and on LinkedIn– if you do not see a role listed here, it is not legitimate.
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