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ese Free Solar PV Health Check?

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  • Martyn1981Martyn1981 Forumite
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    ballardio wrote: »

    I was unable to trace any obvious help, so I turned to a company I found about 3 miles from my home. It is a small company; the owner came out to see me, examined the inverter and confirmed my diagnosis and told me to leave it with him.

    About a fortnight later he contacted me. He'd been in touch with the wholesalers of the inverter and they had agreed to supply a new one. My original was outdated by several years. I waited for the "sucker punch" - all was well. He arrived with a colleague and they removed the old one and replaced it with the new one. He did make an installation charge of £20. That was for the labour of two men for 30 minutes and checking the whole thing was working. On being asked if it needed an annual service, he told me it did not. I should just keep an eye on outputs and have the panels cleaned if they fell significantly.
    The system has worked well ever since.
    I was very fortunate!

    Wow, that's good service. I can only assume that the manufacturers pay a fee to the installer to carry out the work, as that seems like a lot of effort for £20.

    I had a PO (power optimiser) go on my system, and Solaredge arranged for an installer to come and fit a new one, for which they got paid.

    Thanks for the info.
    Mart. Cardiff. 5.58 kWp PV systems (3.58 ESE & 2.0 WNW)

    For general PV advice please see the PV FAQ thread on the Green & Ethical Board.
  • Received my second letter from these opportunistic phishers today.:mad:
    Adding to the debate I would point out that the company ESE is not a registered installer with the MCS org. (Installation database), who by all accounts receive phone calls from the public about this company on a regular basis - maybe 5/6 calls daily.
    Also it really is a case of caveat emptor (buyer beware) should you choose to follow through on unsolicited mail that does not bear ANY accreditation logos at all, save their own 20 year warranty. Wonder who backs that one ?
    Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch...
  • ZumerzetZumerzet Forumite
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    Unfortunately my 81 year old dad had this done today and ese charged him £2000 for this "checkup"!

    Are they supposed to demonstrate energy figures before and after "optimisation" to prove they actually did something?

    I'm very upset for him - do you know if there is any way to get his money back?
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    ESE_Services_LimitedESE_Services_Limited Organisation Representatives - Private Messages may not be monitored
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    HI Zumerzet

    In order to understand if this is an issue relating directly to ESE Services Limited, Can i please ask if you email me with more specific details on - [email protected].

    We have been made aware of copycat companies impersonating our business and would like to help where we can.


    Gary Fredson
    Group MD
    Verified Company
    I am a verified representative of ESE Services Limited. MSE has given permission for me to post in response to queries about the company so that I can help solve issues. You can see my name on the Verified Companies list. I am not allowed to tout for business at all. If you believe I am please report it to [email protected] This does NOT imply any form of approval of my company or its products by MSE.
  • Merlin139Merlin139 Forumite
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    robbsafc wrote: »
    I received a letter from a company called "ese" (Company Number 09825685) . They are supposedly offering a free solar health check and service on my system. I presume my details are on some database somewhere as I had solar panels installed in 2011. Having googled there is not a lot of information around regarding this company. I checked Companies House and they appear to be a consultancy firm.
    Has anyone encountered this? I am skeptical as to me there must be a catch somewhere to make it worthwhile for the company.

    Since inception ESE Services Limited has grown significantly as a business, Our client base continues to grow through the recommendations made by our clients to their friends and family resulting in ESE Services Limited becoming one of the UK!!!8217;s leading provider of maintenance to the private residential solar market.

    We have reacted to regulatory and policy changes and our market analysis highlighted a need to provide maintenance services to the residential solar market- filling a void that has been created through the renewable energy policy changes, specifically the solar PV sector. Many solar companies were unable to continue to trade following the tariff changes and in many areas, there is no longer a local service provider available

    Our offering is open and transparent. We do not endorse nor condone aggressive and pushy sales tactics. Our field sales technicians may make recommendations on a case by case basis and clients make an informed decision based on the benefits of each new technology- presented from the manufacturers specifications. As such we are a re-seller and installer of industry products specifically designed for the residential solar market.

    Our customer service is paramount to us as is our professional integrity. To ensure the highest standards of service and clients have an outstanding customer experience, we have recently invested in a new digital platform that ensures customers receive all documentation to make an informed decision and how to cancel should a client change their mind

    Solar systems are an asset to each property and to each property owner. Unlike other household items, renewable technologies are unique in that they generate revenue. Our services ensure this revenue is protected and enhanced where possible. The service we provide gives our clients piece of mind they are getting maximum value out of their investment and asset.

    Many clients who have subscribed to our solar maintenance plan have received a replacement inverter at no extra cost saving each customer the expensive cost of replacement and minimising any lengthy time periods of lost generation with replacement parts installed typically within 7 days of the fault arising.

    We have a dedicated team of experts operating nationwide to assist any residential solar owner no matter what their issue- be it a pesky pigeon or broken panel each of our clients both new and existing will receive the same friendly and personal customer service

    We look forward to engaging with more customers as we build our customer base. If you are an installer or homeowner, please feel free to contact myself or any member of the team if you have any questions or queries no matter how small.

    Yours sincerely,

    Gary Fredson
    Group Managing Director

    So when this thread was started 19/11/2017 Gary Mark Fredson was listed as a director of Company Number 09825685

    Is that the same Gary Fredson listed as Group Managing Director?

    Am I also correct in believing that Company Number 09825685 Ese Consultants Limited and Company Number 09468098 ESE Services Limited became part of ESE Group Holdings Limited Company number 11036817

    I think I am as all the information is freely available to look at Companies House.

    So which company is this thread about? Or is it just one company with many names?
    3.975 kWp PV SolarEdge System South Facing 10% Shading Installed 21 May 2014 Located in Mid East Yorkshire.
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    KimhazKimhaz Forumite
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    I!!!8217;ve received the letter today. I rang the number and had a munchkin tell me repeatedly to hold the line because my call was important. I looked at the letter again to see it was addressed to the householder at my address. They are clearly using the edited electoral register to send out the letters. I have privacy on my phone, why can!!!8217;t I have the same with junk mail?
  • Andy_WSMAndy_WSM Forumite
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    Kimhaz wrote: »
    I!!!8217;ve received the letter today. I rang the number and had a munchkin tell me repeatedly to hold the line because my call was important. I looked at the letter again to see it was addressed to the householder at my address. They are clearly using the edited electoral register to send out the letters. I have privacy on my phone, why can!!!8217;t I have the same with junk mail?

    I would guess they are using Google Earth or similar to extrapolate addresses with Solar Panels as I am opted out of the edited register to avoid junk mail and still these chancers wrote to "the householder" at my address. The letters are nothing more than marketting but imply you haven't done something or have forgotten to do something important. I'm not a fan of these types of tactics, but I do appreciate the free paper they keep sending me to shred and turn into briquettes.

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    jcontestjcontest Forumite
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    There is a register of all homes that have solar panels, it is public (as long as we applied to receive the FIT).

    I am not sure I have ever had what your getting, but I often get "We are buying installed solar systems in your area" type of letters.

    Put it in the recycle bin and wait a few months before you get another one. Depending on your panel locations window cleaners can reach up with the telescopic stuff now to wash them off, but if you look at the testing done on these things you will find that really dirty panels take perhaps a 3-4% hit at max. My panels made me £1800 last year and I am not sure I want to pay a cleaner to knock them around just for an extra £70 if I am lucky.

    I am possibly going to have mine tested around year 18 (as they are guaranteed to be > 80% @ 20) but I wont be doing it from a leafelet company.

    4kw Inverters cost ~£500 and I would personally be upset if someone tried to charge me more than £1,500 for a replacement. Overall this whole thing is a bad deal for most people and you should ignore it (just like most blind mailing junk).

    Kimhaz wrote: »
    I've received the letter today. I rang the number and had a munchkin tell me repeatedly to hold the line because my call was important. I looked at the letter again to see it was addressed to the householder at my address. They are clearly using the edited electoral register to send out the letters. I have privacy on my phone, why can't I have the same with junk mail?

    "To the Householder"/"To the Occupier" spam mail is allowed as it is generic. The MPA cant stop these, and you having solar panels is consider public data not private, not to mention your home doesn't seem to get the same sort of DPA protection you get.

    Even if these vile direct marketing people heard from you they wouldn't stop sending you things. That is one of the joys of a "Household/Occupier" name against an address.
    No MPS, no DPA, and the list can be sold and purchased freely on the open market.
  • Make no mistake i had them round and it was a sales pitch for a service contract they wanted me to buy it is little more than cold calling to get there foot in the door no service was carried out except pushed buttons on the inverter and read the display also read a few peoples reply’s on this subject and it seems to me that all the people who have have signed up for this service have had inverters fail and have to be replaced not such a good service after all if they can be believed?
  • "Engineer" embarked on a hard sell to the tune of £5000 to improve a system that is fine. They prey upon elderly people. An absolute disgrace. Managed to get the money paid refunded,but nothing can restore the self esteem of an old man who is so ashamed and embarrassed. This needs to be made illegal and stopped.
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