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ese Free Solar PV Health Check?

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  • Merlin139Merlin139 Forumite
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    hi i have had my service from these guys i am with them for my maintenance cover i cant fault them one bit very professional never pushed anything on me.
    i had a fault with my inverter they came straight out and replaced my no extra cost
    really cant fault them highly recommend them to any one .:T:T:T:T:T:T:T:T

    Pretty much a repeat of post 10!

    Guess you have come back on to repeat what you said the first time!

    Did they install your panels?

    Did your installer go bust and you decided you needed to spend £19.99 a month for piece of mind? :eek:

    So what is maintenance cover?

    Explain how this company can service you Solar Panels?

    So what did this service involve?

    Go on do you work for these people? ;):rotfl:
    3.975 kWp PV SolarEdge System South Facing 10% Shading Installed 21 May 2014 Located in Mid East Yorkshire.
  • Thanks for the info in your post but just wanted to check something as my installer is no longer doing installations... not sure of the ins and outs but the company is still operating, but they ceased that part of the business. I only found that out when I tried to obtain an user manual for the inverter and instructions on how to monitor it via my desktop.
    When I asked who do I contact in the vent of a problem arising, they told me I could just contact anyone in my area... this correct?
    My query is did you mean that MCS appoints another company to take over the warranty, or should the original installer have done that.
    As part of the 'deal', I asked for an extended warranty on the panels and inverter to 20 years.
    In reality would another company have to honour such an agreement, as I see that the insurance warranty is only for 10 years.... Didn't notice that before now???
    If you can advise, that would be great.
  • SystemSystem
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    Hi - welcome to the forum. If you have an insurance-backed Warranty, then the insurer carries the risk. You need to take a close look at the terms of your policy to see what is and what isn!!!8217;t included. In principle, you should be able to contact any MCS installer to carry out any repair work. You then claim the cost of the repairs back from the insurer.

    The problem with all insurance backed warranties is that insurers will use every possible ploy to get out of paying. In your situation, if any part of my PV solar system failed then I would get three quotes for the necessary repairs and then speak to the insurer before agreeing to any work being carried out.
  • KimhazKimhaz Forumite
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    My letter is only addressed to the homeowner so it can only be a phishing exercise.
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    GreenmattGreenmatt Forumite
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    I just joined this forum to say thank you to the posters on this thread! I am glad you are here and sharing experiences.

    We got such a letter today addressed to 'Homeowner'. I see from looking on the net that there are {content removed by MSE Investigator} around involving the sale of unnecessary equipment.

    There may be some data protection issue going on here as this company evidently obtained a list of addresses from someone.
  • I agree with Greenmat, is this not a data protection issue? We had PVs installed by Solar Sense, highly reputable, always winning awards. I contacted them last year about the inverter as it is now 8 years since the installation and there had been concerns in the press about inverters failing after a few years. They assured me that the type of inverter that they had installed at the time were performing well and that they thought it unlikely that it would fail. And then a letter from ESE...
    The data about who has solar PVs is easy to access as we are micro-generators and therefore registered as such. The new Data Protection legislation is very strict about who has access to data but the Data Protection Commissioners were not coping with the amount of data transgressions under the old act, it seems very unlikely that they are coping with this new act. Trading Standards? (not sure it's their bag). Anyone got the time and money to take out a private prosecution?
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    Ron-skiRon-ski Forumite
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    I got a letter from them today, it seemed very dubious to me as my system has a 20 year warranty and my installer also mentioned in a couple of their recent newsletters that these letters were being sent out by ESE and we should ignore them.

    Going by earlier comments in this thread it seems they've improved the letter adding the company address and registered number, so I do wonder if misslaurajaynejones works for them and is feeding back the criticisms????

    Something else I noticed, I knew the look of the letter felt familiar, it closely resembles the look and feel of the SSE website and their literature - I may just have to inform them.

    Edit: Just sent a copy to SSE.
    Edit 2 Found this whilst reading something totattly unrelated to this thread.
  • Suze288Suze288 Forumite
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    We received one of these this week. A company that sends out letterheads, stating the company name as 'ESE Consultant's Ltd' is never going to convince me that they are bona fide.
  • Nanny85Nanny85 Forumite
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    I have just received a letter from ESE Consultants telling me that my warranty may be due to expire, that I haven't received my free health check and service. Being a suspicious old biddy and having kept all the paperwork regarding my solar panels which do not mention ESE Consultants anywhere I decided to investigate further before telephoning the free number. Looking at the address at the bottom of the letter I see that it is from ESE Consultant's Ltd. Being of that generation when we were taught when to use an apostrophe this made me even more suspicious so I looked the company up on the Companies House website. Over the past year or so they have had 5 resignations of directors. This does not fill me with trust for the sompany so I have decided to put my letter in the shredder. Hope this helps anyone else who is wondering what to do!
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