Indigo Parking - Paid Twice

Morning MSE Troops,

Quick one today, I buy monthly parking through Indigo (Connect Cashless Parking) at my station. I've been checking through my receipts and somehow I've managed to park twice for the same 10 day period (reminders set to renew same day every month and I didn't factor in a holiday).

Stupid of me I know, but has anyone had experience in trying to get them to refund on issues like this? My argument would be that they shouldn't allow you to pay two sets of parking for the same car in the same period (you're unlikely to park across two spaces), their argument will be that I shouldn't have attempted to (fair enough).

I know they're not the most helpful of companies, but I've asked the question of them. Keen to know if anyone has had a "good" experience with them.



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    I can't recall reading of one in the past 4+ years I've been involved here. As a general rule, PPCs only suck money in!
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