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    Hello,late one from me today, I've been out for most of the day. A friend picked me up and we went to another friends for coffee.1st friend bought some luscious cakes from a nearby bakers.She was made redundant a few months ago and has been doing temporary jobs since but is having a couple of weeks off. We had a good old catch up and a good laugh so it did us all good I think.She took me back home but let me nip in the sm for some toilet rolls while she waited,saved me having to go out again later.

    Just had scampi and chips from the freezer and enjoyed it.The sky has cleared but its pretty cool here.
    NannyWindow,:j good news.
    Mean-marie,thank you for your kind words yesterday x
    Have a good evening,and hope all poorlies feel better soon
    :heartsmil 'A woman is like a teabag: You never know her strength until you drop her in hot water'. (Eleanor Roosevelt)
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    Nannywindow its a smashing feeling isn't it, a roof that belongs to you and no one else(mortgage free ) When we downsized in 1995 and retired we became mortgage free and we opened a bottle of champers to celebrate (I still have the cork in my memory box ) The feeling of security it gives you is terrific after so many years (especially the lean ones of the 1970s when the rates went through the ceiling) I bet you are walking on air .I kept walking around smacking the walls and saying to my late OH 'Its our wall and no one can take it away from us' :):):)

    Well chums a bit of damp weather today didn't dampen our spirits, the boys got their hair cuts and I had a wander around the C/S's ,spent a whopping quid in the Age Concern for a packet of 40 wooden washing pegs, I know how to splash the cash at times :) I couldn't see anything I really fancied apart from some new pegs :)

    After lunch we went off to Osbourne House as we do every year if it rains .The dogs had a good long walk down to the beach and the boys and I had a mooch around the house.Then caught the little shuttle bus down to the swiss cottage where Queen Victoria's children used to play,had a cuppa which must have been gold lined as a paper cup of hot water with a tea bag and milk for DD and I cost £3.50 (should have brought a flask, but forgot it ) Still I bought a nice E/H jute bag to hold my knitting and the paperback of the TV series 'Young Victoria' to read so I did treat myself eventually.
    Son-in-law cooked a brilliant chicken curry tonight and used up most of the odds and ends in,the fridge, and tomorrow night we are out to a local pub for our end of holiday meal.

    <Hugs to all the poorlies and down hearted >

    take care all

    JackieO xx
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