O/S Daily Saturday 26 August 2017

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    Good evening chums,what a beautiful horse ,you are so lucky I used to ride years ago with my two DDs and loved every minute of it.

    AoD my condolences honey he is at peace now xx

    Gers, I hate to see m/ bike accidents they can be so cruel to the riders,on the IoW at the moment there are around 5000 scooters here for the bank holiday weekend and today we saw quite a few ,all with helmets on but wearing shorts,very nice until they come a cropper as they do sometimes then legs get badly damaged.

    I saw the terrible accident on the M1 on the news tonight , bless them ,those poor folk, plus of course the ambulance, fire and police who have to pick all the bits up,it must affect them as well.

    Well we had a great afternoon on Yaverland beach and the sun was kind and shone down on us.

    My son-in-law decided that he would stay with the dogs as it was so hot and while we were out DGS Henry badgered him to go to PC World where he spent some of his treat cash and saved money on a new lap-top for himself .

    He will need it when he goes back to 6th form next month and his old ond was third hand and on its last legs, but he has been coping very well with it, I am glad he spent his treat cash on something useful bless him.

    DGS Ben is looking forward to tomorrow as his g/f Candice is arriving from France to stay with us, so he too is a happy bunny :)

    DD and I went early this morning to Aldi's in Cowes and got the shopping.We treated us all to their Big Daddy 16ozs rump steaks and they were huge so we got enough to cut in half At £4.99 per steak we had a fantastic rump steak meal tonight which my son-in-law cooked. Tomorrow as the forecast is good we are having a BBQ.

    Just going to have a read of my new book I brought with me so I'll say Good night God bless all here

    JackieO xx
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