O/S Daily Saturday 26 August 2017

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    I'm home at last. Did all my chores with DM and then got on the road. There was what looked like a motorbike accident on the Faslane road though the area was well controlled with bikers at each end of the accident to slow traffic down. No-one seemed seriously injured, just one woman biker sitting by a huge enormous puddle. An ambulance had been called so I drove on home.

    I've got washing in the machine, no idea why I did that though I suppose I didn't realise it was 3.30p.m. The forecast is fine for tomorrow so it can all go out and stay out.

    Just as I was about 15 miles from home I got a phone call inviting me for drinks this evening...back in Glasgow! One of my neighbours here has a flat in town for his son who's a student. They've all been there doing work to it for the coming year and decided to have a 'swally' this evening, dammit. :(

    Condolences to AOD - haven't worked out who has passed yet but sorry to read about the loss of a family member.

    Back garden not yet strimmed. Front 'garden' has been sprayed but I think it probably rained too soon to be effective. Next spray will be in early spring.

    Bags unpacked, new book unwrapped and tea made. Feet will soon be up too!

    Happy evening.
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    Evening all,

    Very tired today, just calling in to sympathise with AOD and anyone else in need of a hug

    Weight 08 February 86kg
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    Update on the old man situation. DD called an ambulance in the end and he is in a ward now. She also filled in a form asking the local council to assess him and his living conditions and has been advised to ring the hospital to get their care team who look at discharge conditions for patients, so hopefully he will have a much better outcome.

    Lainey, thank you, DD is lovely and very caring, I'm very proud of her.

    We went for a walk and I had a fall going downhill. Luckily just a bit sore and bruised but I landed on my arm and couldn't get up so I was floundering around like a fish. Hey ho, it wouldn't be a proper holiday without me coming a cropper.
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    Hello everyone, tiring day today, but enjoyable and productive. To mum's for noon to catch up with some family visiting from a town a couple of hours away. Great to catch up with them, late lunch of ham rolls with mum and then raided her pear trees, they are so loaded with fruit, picked a few apples too and got some more from a roadside stall with a donations box. We then took a detour through the lanes to somewhere where there might have been plums for sale, got enough Victorias for a batch of chutney and added to the ones I have frozen a good amount of jam too. A quick dash to the SM after weighing all the fruit for some salad for tea and dried fruit, brown sugar etc for the chutney.

    Collapsed in chair and OH made us a lovely chicken salad:D

    Lainey Lady Lulu sounds lovely my niece and nephew (14 & 20) have just bought a new horse too, hopefully might catch a glimpse of her at the weekend, they fetched her a couple days ago and she and existing horse have been "talking" over the fence, getting to know each other a little before they are properly introduced:D
    Snoozer I hope that you are not too battered and bruised, I have a bit of a reputation for falling while on holiday too:eek:
    The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. (Abraham Lincoln)
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    Lady Lulu

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    Thank you Judi x
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    Snoozer Ouch, hope you're not too badly bruised, you sound as clumsy as me :rotfl:. Also well done to your DD, wish there were more like her around, all too often people turn the other way :(.
    PS. Just seen Lady Lulu... oh wow what a beauty, I have always loved white/grey horses.
    Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, but this time more intelligently
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    Beautiful horse Lainey.
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    Lainey Lady Lulu looks a beauty, but a mare ;) ... I am sure you will have her eating out of your hand in no time x
    Note to self - STOP SPENDING MONEY !!

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    Beautiful horse Lainey
    Chin up, Titus out.
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