BT Complaint - Compensation

Hello all,

I have been without internet connection for 5 weeks now whilst BT and their catalogue of errors try and resolve the issue. 7 engineers, 3 routers and a silly amount of hours on the phone to them seems to have finally resolve this today. I'm going to wait 24 hours to make sure its stable and working before conceding that it is in fact fixed.

My question is, what would you be asking for in compensation? I'm not very good at the hard line and expect them to offer me 5 weeks credit on the account, but I have taken 7 half days off work for engineers (including 1 who didn't turn up, 1 who was cancelled and I wasn't advised and some last minute when I was assured they wouldn't need access but did) as well as all the time spent on the phone chasing when nothing was being done.

What would you say is reasonable? And do I have a chance of getting anything?!


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