Help with Best Man Speech very much Needed!...For Saturday 28th May!!!!

Hi all. I've done what I said I wouldnt and left it to the last minute! I've been worrying about this for ages! I'm Best Man to my Brother's wedding and I am a poor speaker. I stutter and mumble and just panic. I'm quite comical in a conversational sense with one liners etc but this doean't help when I'm the only one talking!!

Any ideas on format? techniques?


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    Why do we leave it to the men to make speeches and expect them to be organised :rolleyes: :D

    Have a look at THIS website, it has hundreds and hundreds of real speeches and tips etc. for getting it right.

    If you can make time (take a day off work) I have seen a couple of really good speeches that take a little preparation but don't have too much speaking so you won't have to worry so much about stuttering or mumbling. They were:

    Gather up loads of photos of the bride and groom from family and scan them into a powerpoint presentation. Get them ranging from birth to present day. You'll just have to say things like 'how could such an ugly baby marry such a beautiful woman' and 'this is when the lovely couple were on holiday in (insert country/ place) and (insert embarrasing story) happened and other insulting things about the groom. The audience will be looking at the pictures not you, so all the eyes aren't on you.

    Beg, borrow or steal a video camera and the keys to the couples house whilst they are out (will either have to be when they are at work or arrange with mates to get them out and away). Do a 'though the key hole' with props suitable to the couple (for example, !!!!!! mags under his pillow, just happen upon them and say 'Oh dear, moving on...' or you can be really rude about him or squares of newspaper by the toilet instead of loo roll, making comments about how cheap he is, he won't even buy the poor woman loo roll). Finish of by saying 'who lives in a house like this?, it's over to you' then fade out to a photo of the happy couple. Then all you have to do is the toast. You don't have the embarassment of having to stand up in front of family.

    HTH, Good luck and DON'T PANIC :D
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  • wow, thank you. Its always smart women who bale us men out! I have thursday and friday off so i'll see what i can do. thanks for your help.
  • I have been thinking about this on the way back to work (lunch has finished - boo) and although i'm gonna give it ago it does rely on technology a lot and therefore feel i need a plan B. any further ideas out there?
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    Here are some can choose sample speeches based on the couples characteristics.

    As for the nerves, just use the old trick of imagining them all naked (I'd avoid looking at your parents at this point!). Seriously, when you stand up, scan the room quickly for a few smiling friendly looking faces, which isnt difficult as every one will be drinking by then, and use them as your initial focus.

    Good luck and most importantly, relax and enjoy yourself!

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    ...and don't get drunk before or two at max....drinks a plenty as a reward when it's all over!!!!
  • Yes only one or two drinks, im also one who starts to slur real easy!! I have a few ideas, and childhood stories, someone at work suggested i get a load of keys copied and hand them out to the brides side (females, aunties, grans!) during the day and a t some point in the speech say that i want paul to make a fresh start now he's married and ask that all keys be returned, and one by one her family come up and hand in the key. there are varioations you can do with this. are there any such like exercises I can do?
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    Ok just as a plan C and just imagining that things don't go to plan......

    Three words of advice.....keep short!

    If you get halfway through and feel like it's not going well, draw it to a close with "All I can really say is that I wish ***** and **** luck, cheers"

    There's nothing worse that listening to someone who's obviously struggling, embarrased, stumbling over their words.

    Not everyone is born an after dinner speaker and I think speeches are so unfair that we're not having any at my wedding in August. At my last wedding (sounds good doesn't it?) my Dad was totally pre-occupied for the whole day and stumbled over his speech, missing out 90% of what he wanted to say. It spoiled his day.

    Sorry for the negative approach but I'd much rather have a best man say a few words and propose a toast, than sit cringing through a l-o-n-g, bad, speech ;)

    Good luck though :rotfl:
    Just run, run and keep on running!

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    I agree - keep it short simple and sincere - say nice things about everyone especially parents and bridesmaids and the happy couple.

    There was a thread here where someone wanted advice on a reading at a wedding - maybe that would give you some ideas.
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    Advice passed on from my mum to me and my siblings and now to her grandchildren: "Remember the deaf old lady at the back!"

    This doesn't mean you need to shout. But you do need to speak clearly, with your head up, and looking at the back of the room rather than your feet.

    Don't know if you'll have a microphone or not - if you do, ask for advice on the best way to hold it, I know some you get best results from if you're practically kissing them.

    If you don't have a mic, keep your head up, take a deep breath, don't rush or gabble.

    And smile!

    Practise beforehand - you'll feel like a prat, but better that than looking like one on the day. It will give you some idea how long you're burbling on for, and yes, KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) is worth remembering.

    If you can distill your speech into note form on a few prompt cards, all the better.

    Good luck, and let us know how you get on!
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    Public speaking is simple
    1. Wear something fantaisic, it will boost your confidence!
    2. Look straight ahead, stand tall!
    3. Pretend everyone in the room loves you, confidence again.
    4. Remember everyone wants to hear what your gonna say and its gonna be great!

    Sometimes even pretending you are confident works!

    Trust me ive winged my way through many a public speech on false confidence alone!
    Good luck
    That mrs macchicken to you!
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