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Royal Mail Monitoring and Posting Panel

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  • mustbemadmustbemad Forumite
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    I thought I would get the harry and Meghan stamps as I'm just about to be rested (woohoo though wish they had finished me last month, it's been a pain dragging the kids out to the postbox) but I got Dads Army, oh well

    Mbm x
  • NBLondonNBLondon Forumite
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    beanielou wrote: »
    Really? :money:
    Yes - really! I've sent you a PM.
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  • SaetanaSaetana Forumite
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    I also have a Harry and Megan presentation pack - if anyone would like to swap for a Game of Thrones set then I would be happy to do so. Drop me a message if interested :)
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  • beanieloubeanielou Forumite
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    NBLondon wrote: »
    Yes - really! I've sent you a PM.
    Am running late for going out.
    Will answer tomorrow :)
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  • BookWormBookWorm Forumite
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    I'm another that got H&M when would much rather have had GOT. However, I have sold them on, so not all bad
  • MollMoll Forumite
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    Should i have got my stamps for September by now ? Im always in need of stamps , and ive completey ran out ( For my use not RM) thought they should have been here by now as they usually send out early
  • apgaapga Forumite
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    On the main page, under News Feed, on the 23rd July there was a message "September stamp incentives were being included in the packs we're sending out this week with items for posting in week commencing 6th August."

    I messaged them - got an apology and stamps were with me within a week.

  • Money_makerMoney_maker Forumite
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    themadvix wrote: »
    Hi, I'm on my first live stint with the survey and am wondering about selling the presentation pack on ebay - I've seen that some people do this, but my pack had been sliced open at the end for them to add the first month's incentive stamps in. Have any of you who have sold the presentation packs had any problems with this - does it affect value (it's the cellophane wrapper that's sliced, the stamps/pack itself isn't damaged)? Do you mention it on your listing?
    I stopped selling mine when one went missing as RM wont refund stamps, they're treated like money so it has to be special delivery to cover them. And that costs a fortune. Many presentation sets don't make the cost/cover price so I just send my ebay sales with GOT, star wars, Mr Men and Peter Rabbit stamps on. That way I see full value without the risk.
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  • MollMoll Forumite
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    Thanks Apga , i never recieved them and missed the message , Ill get in touch with them
  • MollMoll Forumite
    421 posts
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts
    Ive sent a message about my missing stamps , I was on holiday when they sent them out , so maybe thats why i got missed? I dont always read the newsfeed , so that has taught me a lesson to look at that each time , thanks again for the help , ill let you know if i get them , keeping my fingers crossed or ive got to go out and buy some for my penfriend letters
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