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Luton Airport - APCOA Parking

edited 30 June 2017 at 8:49PM in Parking tickets, fines & parking
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Mr_Badger_2Mr_Badger_2 Forumite
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edited 30 June 2017 at 8:49PM in Parking tickets, fines & parking
Dear Ladies & Gentleman,

Firstly thank you for all the excellent advice on this forum and for the exemplary success you have to date in beating these grubby parasites. Think I know what I need to do next but I just want to run a point past you after giving you a little bit of background if I may.

Was at Luton Airport a few weeks back and parked next to the hotel on the approach road at the end of the bus stop at the side of the road to collect a friend who was standing there. From subsequently reading on here it seems a hot-spot for catching people out! I never left the vehicle, the engine remained on and judging by the images in their PCN to me I was stationary for a total of 9 seconds before turning in the road and heading home. I was genuinely not aware that this was a private road and did not see any notices to state parking was prohibited.

My query is this. On the PCN there are 4 images, the top two show a car that looks like mine parked in the bus stop at the side of the road. In image 1 the number plate is completely obscured from view by street lighting. In the second image the number plate is visible but in no way readable given the distance and poor focus of the camera. The second image was taken 9 seconds after the first.

The 3rd and 4th image are duplicate images taken at the same time and within them you can read my number plate. In these images my car was not parked but driving on the road.

I do not think they have shown adequate proof of my car being parked incorrectly as my licence plate is not readable at all in either image when stationary. They only captured my registration when my car was driving on the road and appear to have used that information to obtain registered keeper details (my name and address) from the DVLA. My plan of action is as follows:

1/ Appeal to APCOA using your template via email 26 days after this notice was issued.
2/ Await outcome of appeal but expect to write to POPLA

Q/ In my appeal to APCOA should I add a section raising my concerns regarding the images of proof they have provided and state that they had insufficient evidence to approach the DVLA and breach my data protection rights?

Advice so gratefully received

Mr Badger


  • Thanks for the link above. All good guideance but what I am really after to some advice on whether the PCC have adequate images to provide evidence on my car parked in the bus stop given that my number plate is blocked out by traffic lights in the first image and not readable in the 2nd image when stationary due to focus and distance. They got my keeper details form a picture when car was being driven on road.

    Thanks folks

    Mr Badger
  • pappa_golfpappa_golf Forumite
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    forget images , often doctored , follow the good advice given on that thread and go back and re read the newbies thread
    Save a Rachael

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  • Coupon-madCoupon-mad
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    Sounds like they don't have sufficient images, this could be a car doing a 3 point turn!

    Anyway, this will be easily won. APCOA will either give up before POPLA because they can't hold a registered keeper liable (and they will see from the template appeal that you know that from this forum!) or they will lose at POPLA on 'no keeper liability'.

    So, no need to overthink the ANPR images, yes they will form part of a POPLA appeal if you need that stage. You may not! You WILL win.
    PRIVATE 'PCN'? DON'T PAY BUT DON'T IGNORE IT (except N.Ireland).
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