NRAM - full and final/complaint advice

NRAM - i have an old Northern Rock Together mortgage. Part mortgage part unsecured loan, taken out in 2007 for £30,000.
We are on a self managed DMP paying them a reduced agreed amount.

We recently made a full and final offer on our NRAM loan which they have turned down, we increased it slightly and they have turned it down again. Yesterday on the phone they gave no real reason, and although the letter said call to discuss your options, we were told it was either carry on as we are or pay the full amount (not really options!)
When questioned the guy on the phone said part of the reason it was turned down was because we left stepchange (we went self managed after 1 month), I thought I had read on here that we shouldn't be treated differently if we are self managing. Is there any legislation I can quote to them in a letter regarding this?
(They guy on the phone also didn't know what a default was??)

Also they are refusing to default, as it's not their policy.
We have put in a complaint about this, as without the default they are hindering our chances of ever remortgaging elsewhere in the future.

Has anyone any advice for moving forward with them. I would really like a default registered if they are not going to accept any offer, so do we have to stop paying to force this, even though we are paying well under the contracted amount?
Many thanks in advance


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    Hi Heavenlyharry01

    Unfortunately accepting a full & final settlement is always at a creditor’s discretion and they don’t have to give grounds as to why they have not agreed. It may be worth trying again further down the line though.

    With regards to a default, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidance states a default should be registered once 3 to 6 months of arrears have built up. If this applies to your loan, ask NRAM to register a default. If they refuse complain to the ICO. Once a default has been registered the debt and default will drop off 6 years later. Hope this helps.


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