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Flight claims company sending threatening letters

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Flight Delay Compensation
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  • I’m also in the same boat made what I though was an online enquiry and heard nothing from this company. ended up having my claim settled by another company (although I am still to receive any compensation) a month later received an email from Hayward baker solicitors claiming to be working on behalf of FDCT who were apparently taking my flight provider to court. Phoned the solicitors and explained I thought there must have been a mistake they informed me they would close down thier file on me. Phone FDCT also explaining I thought there must have been a mistake as I have no contract or correspondence from them (rude arrogant guy called Ollie (supposedly)on the phone)and have recieved the first invoice for £588.27 and a few threatening emails from FDCT.

    They’ve sent me dodgy screenshots of emails I was supposed to have received ... why not just forward said email!?

    I have asked for copies of all works carried out on my behalf and they have replied they don’t have to provide proof of works carried out as I am not being billed for works carried out I’m being billed as I have been paid out.

    I have spoken to CAB this morning and they have told me not to pay to report them to trading standards and action fraud and also report the solicitors to solicitors regulation authority. Which I have done. The thought of the court summons coming through the door is making me ill but I refuse to give in it’s diabolical.

    Davexmas what email did you send them regarding the consumer trading regulations I’ll try that one too

    I’m exhausted haven’t been eating or sleeping properly these people are nasty pieces of work.
  • Well done emmal1982. Just ignore them. They will scare some people and that's what they want. If even 4 out of 10 pay then they be happy.

    Like I've said before, normal company chasing money would surely send a letter in the post.

    I have filled in the trading standards questionnaire as well. Hopefully the scum bags get shut down. Once they do....we all can sue them for harrassement
  • JPearsJPears Forumite
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    Even if 1 out of 10 pay, they'll be quids in for doing sweet family!
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    The alleged Ringleader.........
  • JAM2018JAM2018 Forumite
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    Emma, if you want some moral support let me know. It is a horrible situation and one that should never have arisen. Stay strong. If it goes to court let us know. Any right minded judge will throw it out.
  • legal_magpielegal_magpie Forumite
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    Emma, it's unlikely that you'll get a county court claim but even if you do, don't worry. Just make sure that you send the defence form back to the Court in time. What you said in the first para of your post sums it all up. Just confirm that you never entered into an agreement with these people.
  • Emma, This lot will send you County Court Papers
    As Legal Magpie has said just make sure you send back the defence form back to the court in time. You can do this yourself , you dont need to pay for a solicitor

    I did this and the case was thrown out. They don't want you to defend the case , they just hope you pay up.
  • Hi everyone, thanks for all the support.

    I’ve had further emails from FDCT today reminding me that thier invoice is due and to pay Promptly.

    I’ve asked them to send me the correspondence where they inform me I have instructed them and informed them that without actually sending me this information they have breached the consumer contracts regulations rules.

    FDCT then emailed me stating that I had access to said documentation held in a durable medium on thier online portal.(first I’ve heard of it)

    I then phoned CAB again and informed them of the above. They told me that without FDCT sending me access logins etc to the durable medium they will still be breaching those rules. And as I have no correspondence from them at all not to worry about it.

    I just want these horrible people to leave me alone it’s making me feel ill.
  • Emma Write to the company at their registered address and tell them to remove your email address and/or telephone number from their database and for any further communication to be in writing at your address only. Tell them ignoring this instruction - it's not a request! - will be deemed harassment. This should stop the emails and force them to pay for postage.
    You have reported this company to Trading Standards/Action Fraud haven't you.
  • JAM2018JAM2018 Forumite
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    Sorry to hear that this is making you feel ill. Stay strong and don't pay them a penny.
  • Yes I’ve reported them to trading standards, action fraud and reported their solicitors to the solicitors regulation authority. I won’t be paying them but it is getting to me .... I’ve decided I’m not replying to any more emails except the ones where they up my invoice which I’ll respond to stating the fact that I’m still awaiting all the information I’ve asked for. Just want the court papers to arrive so I can end this ordeal one way or the other. X
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