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Flight claims company sending threatening letters

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  • DrA_HarrogateDrA_Harrogate Forumite
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    LM is correct. The question would seem to be whether the Judge wants to run through stuff again, or merely intends to give a judgement.

    In any event you have information at your disposal within this forum so make really sure you have your paperwork in order.

    Let us know how you get on and good luck.
  • legal_magpielegal_magpie Forumite
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    Unless the first Judge actually made a start on the case itself it's unlikely that it will be the same Judge. But be prepared for any eventuality.
  • Hi
    We are also at court Carlisle on the 16th August,
  • Hi everyone
    Just a quick one asking for advice as I’ve said in previous post I’m due in court on 16th August in Carlisle and would like to know as me and my husband are representing ourselves what do we take as evidence and to prove we have not signed or engaged with fdct in any way.
    I have no paperwork other than the invoice for the money they say I owe £1700.
    Thanks again
  • DC64 and Kalaclamp1975 how did your court cases go ?
  • I am still awaiting court papers or another letter from DCBL and I will post if anything changes.Keep up the fight for us as well as yourself.
  • I can't believe this company is still holding everyone to ransom. I got a lawyer friend to explain to them that their form on which you are tricked in signing refers to a non existent principle and not FCDT. They also faked the signatures of the other members of my family and I must do something about this and report them to the Fraud Squad. Also the lawyers they quote as acting for them gave up before Christmas as they feared being reported for their involvement..
    Sorry not to have said all this sooner but I was unable to sign back in every time I had a moment and then now tracking down this thread as initially it only showed first 14 odd posts !
    So best to ring them up and threaten them with exposing the faked signatures if more than one claimant or report them to the Lawyers association for false claims of their members.
  • DrA_HarrogateDrA_Harrogate Forumite
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    Even better; read all the posts in this thread and get yourself fully informed about the process and tactics used and how to respond. Previous experience indicates that getting cross with them on the phone might help you feel better but will not stop them pursuing you.
  • I hope you’re reading this because you’ve had a lucky escape. If not I’m sorry and good luck.

    Please note their Google reviews went from 5* of nearly 300 people to what it is now – go figure but luckily some companies do have integrity. I have screenshots to prove and it's thanks to people flagging suspicious reviews.

    Anyway, last September I missed my 7am flight from Amsterdam to Luton and with suitable alternative flights I spent £279 buying a new one.
    At home came across glowing ‘reviews’ for FDCT. Low and behold as soon as I started to communicate with them the cracks began to appear. From the beginning things would go very quiet and then I’d get an odd email asking me for repeated information. All the while there was no indication of what work was being done.. this went on for a few months and then in January I told them to stop contacting me.
    Immediately they came back and said I had breached the contract. Not, we’re so close into getting you a compensation or lets discuss it. No, you owe us hundreds of £ and it will continue to go up and up unless you pay up. And up it did and stood I stayed by refusing to pay. I was going to fight these people with every fibre in my body.
    What followed was a court case. The court day in July was a long one on a very hot day. The hearing was due for 10:00 am but did not happen until after 3:00 pm.

    I represented myself and most people will tell you that many judges won’t even let you sit down if you do that. They all believed it was in the bag and it was a very surreal experience to be part of and to see how people who represent themselves can come up against it.

    Not in my case. I’m grateful to the judge’s decision. What I did do was months of research (all available online) which included legal advice. It left no doubt at the company I was dealing with.
    There were so many discrepancies they could not answer, like prove the work done or justify the ridiculous charges.
    Anyway, I could go on but my advice is to get all the information accessible to you and to fight with everything you have got. Everyone knows there is a good and honest way of doing business and it doesn’t have to be this way.
  • Hi @nothappy i hope the preparation is going ok. Honestly, you need a water tight case. There is videos on you tube and plenty on these guys. Take everything you can with you. Frame your answers in the way the judge understands. You don't need to prove everything but the ones that count. Good luck!!
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