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    Hang on to your pay and display tickets for AT LEAST two months

    The question then is how long you need to keep your ticket for in case you’re caught on camera.

    Unfortunately, there’s no easy exact answer, as parking rules can be hideously complicated. But we reckon AT LEAST two months is a good bet.

    When we checked the different legal routes parking firms and councils can use to chase you if they think you’ve broken the rules, we found they should usually have contacted you within 15 to 45 days of when you parked. Adding a bit of time for contingency, weekends and so on, two months seems a sensible minimum.

    In fact, it could be longer. One of the parking trade bodies, the International Parking Community, gives its members up to six months to apply to track down an owner’s details. And to be absolutely watertight, you’d have to keep tickets for six years, as that’s how long companies have to chase you under the Statute of Limitations.

    please MSE , getv it right , !!!

    ANPR type ticket = 14 days , no huff n puff about weekends etc

    IPC tell lies as well , NO keeper liability if not recieved within 14 days

    providing the car is not leased /hired
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    Another riveting blog by mse, a 15 year old could have done a better job!
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