My M&S intro offer coming to an end - who's ahead of me?

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I have a couple of "just checking" questions - pretty sure I know the answers but would appreciate a second opinion from somebody who's been there.

1. Monthly pay-in

May will be the last month that I can qualify for a monthly £10 gift card credit. As far as I can recall, the only reason I was paying in £1,000 a month was to get the gift card. Is there any other reason I might need to keep that payment going (is there something I'm missing)?

2. Regular saver

My Regular Saver will be maturing in early June. The T&Cs say that I have to have two active DD's in order to open a new Regular Saver. However, I may be about to cancel one of them due to an issue with the payee.

As far as I can tell from their website, if I have two DD's going out at the end of May and I open a new RS in early June, I will qualify. I could then safely:
- cancel one DD
- move the other one (which is a utilities bill) to my 123 account to get a few pee cashback, and
- reduce my monthly pay-in to the £250 required to fund the RS.

But I would feel a lot more comfortable if somebody who's already done this could confirm that this is the case. I would hate to find them closing down my RS or something because I've misunderstood the way the rules work.

Thanks for reading. :)


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