MBNA 0% Unitil July 08. No Transfer Fee!

I've just taken up a seemingly amazing offer with MBNA. I've had the card a few years and very rarely use it. I then received an offer to transfer up to 95% of my credit limit at 0% interest until July 08 and amazingly no transfer fee (including by using cheque). I normally shred the CC cheques on arrival, but not this time.

I phoned MBNA to get confirmation this offer was genuine and at the same time change my direct debit to minimum rather than full repayment. I asked a number of questions and am sure they are not pulling a fast one. I'll find out when the cheque goes into my bank account.

My wife has not received the same offer on her MBNA card. I have a very high credit rating so the chance of MBNA making anything from me is small I think (hope!)


  • Sounds good,stick it in your ISA allowance or Icesave/Sainsburys to make the most of it.
    Hope you make lots of free cash!
    Previously known as Bokken,registered at MSE in Nov 04,computer glich deleted my access but it is fun building up my stars from scratch,again.:D
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