Tree starting to grow in awkward place, help!

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My gardening knowledge leaves a lot to be desired as I'm young and inexperienced, but there's only one way to learn and that's what I'm doing.

I've managed to maintain the garden enough last year to prevent it overgrowing, and managed to revive a few hydrangea shrubs which were rusting at the stems.

This year I'm going further and attempting to actually plant things, but first there's a problem I need to handle. A tree unexpectedly appeared this spring in a very awkward place, see below.


Clearly this will need some management, I'm wondering what my best options are with this? I'm not sure if removing it is the right thing to do? it's a small tree, but I'm wary of what may happen if I just attempt to remove it outright?

The soil is heavy clay with stones unfortunately. The tree is growing next to the building which is my main concern here.

I've been busy for most of the weekend tidying up the garden and have started digging the other beds to improve the soil. I managed to get under the topsoil with a fork and some hard work. From this I've discovered that geting into the subsoil will most likely need a pickaxe or maybe a sledgehammer! Every day is a school day at the moment.
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