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    raeble wrote: »
    Not sure where you've been looking online but Tesco's doesn't have a minimum order. Sainsbury's is £25 and Ocado varies between £40 - £95 especially if you want to use their vouchers. Don't know about Asda as they don't deliver to my area.

    I've noticed that Tesco deliveries tend to be more expensive on the weekend £5.99. Midweek is usually £3.99 in my area.

    I think the poster means that to use a voucher from the voucher board to offset against the delivery charge - you always need to spend at least £50. Not very money saving if there is only one of you - £50 a week is a lot for a single person.

    I'm a single parent with one child and I only use the online service now and again for this reason.
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    When did Tesco sneak the increase in delivery charges in .I only noticed the variation this moning £3.75 to £6.50 .
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    What is the minimum they charge nowadays?
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    The cheapest I can get it is £3, which is Tues 9pm-11pm. Usually waiting it for DH to get in from work anyway, so I don't mind it!
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    Is this inclusive of all other charges, do they display their prices explicity? Their site suggests it depends upon the amount.

    I'm helping out a disabled person, and wondering if this might be more suitable than paying £2 through a charity for the service. She orders about 20 items worth £30 filling about two tesco bags.
  • my tesco delivery charge is 3quid but thats an evening slot between 8 and 10 usually tues or thurs it is steep but i dont mind because probably cost me that in petrol to drive to tesco and i love not having to hump loads of shopping;)
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    they do a £3 slot of a wed afternoon i usually use this slot and it would cost me just as much to drive there and back, but i do tend to only order every once in awhile for heavy stuff
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    Well I couldn't find the prices on the Tesco site, although it kept crashing my 64 bit browser!

    Here are the delivery prices for the various supermarkets.

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    I paid £3 yesterday for an afternoon delivery.
    I do a bulk shop about every six weeks & £3 is well worth it for me not having to lift & carry the heavy stuff.
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