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Argghhh. I just spent a while thinking while I was typing this post first time round, got timed out and lost it all. So here is the shortened version!

I recently read the stoozing guide and had that "d'oh, why didn't I think of that before" moment that most people must get.

I have a 6% fixed mortgage with offset starting beginning of October to replace my current 4.2% 2 year fixed.

Recent credit checks include the mortgage (end of July) and Egg Money card (end of August).

I have recently reduced some overdraft limits and the Egg Money Card limits as well as closing an unused Cahoot card.

Does anyone have an idea of how long these changes will take to impact my Credit Rating?

I am now intending to apply for the Halifax Card to slow stooze as well as some BT cards to bump up the offset. Bearing in mind my recent credit checks does anyone have advice on how I should spread the applications and which order to do them in?

Sorry for the bluntness, my original post was much more eloquent but I'm not typing it a third time! :)

Thanks very much



  • There are many factors and personal circumstances have a bearing on card applications.I have applied for more than four cards a month before now and been sucessful but generally if you apply for say two a month you should be okay.
    Try and select the cards for a particular roll before you apply this way you should then get the maximum out of each card rather than trying to railroad a 0% purchases card into another job for which it wasn't intended.
    Watch out for fees and payment and statement dates.
    Good luck.
    Previously known as Bokken,registered at MSE in Nov 04,computer glich deleted my access but it is fun building up my stars from scratch,again.:D
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