Plumber left toilet half working

Any advice?

I had a plumber come and showed them that there was a leak in the toilet near the cistern.

I am no plumber and so took the advice they gave to rectify the problem.

Looking back to the emails it states replace ball valve with fill valve.

They replaced the ball valve with a new fill valve.

However now the toilet has a very weak flush and needs a bucket to fully flush.

They have stated that they can get this to full flush but it will cost another xxx amount.

I have asked they put the toilet back to the way it was as they did not tell me that the part they were fitting would result in a very weak flush.

They refuse to do anything about this and now will not respond to me at all.

They have blamed the siphon and said they were unable to predict the failure of the siphon.

The problem is the toilet fully flushed perfectly and then when the fill valve was fitted only flushed weakly.

Where do I stand and who is right?


  • Looks like they fitted it, but didn't adjust it.

    I'm guessing the problem is that the fill valve shuts off while there isn't enough water in the cistern. We had this problem with one of our toilets and the flush would empty all there was in the cistern but it wasn't enough.

    Just raise the valve (it should have lots of marked steps to allow the water level to be adjusted).
  • Watch this:

    from the 5:20 mark is what you need.
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    Restrict yourself to number 1s and 0.5s whilst the toilet is only half working.
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    I am assuming as the plumber did nothing with the fill valve when they came round after I explained it did not flush fully.

    Also that I have tried everything on the fill valve but it still does not full flush.

    That it cannot be fixed unless i pay the xxx amount to the plumber.

    The toilet is actually an elderly relatives so the plumber has left them with the ineffective toilet and they are really struggling with the bucket.

    In addition they paid a high amount for the repair after saving for it and no one has the XXX amount to get another plumber out.
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    Does the cistern fill or is the water level low ?
    Did the plumber maybe pull the dual flush plug out of the syphon, which means holding the handle will provide a full flush, or move the flush level plug ?
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    @ OP.......
    Where are you putting the water from the bucket you are using to get a 'proper' flush ??
    In the water cistern of the toilet or the pan of the toilet ??
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    The cistern fills no idea on everything else.

    I trusted the plumber but since they had the money they just do not want to know.

    That is unless I want to pay the xxx quoted to put the toilet back to full flush.
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    It is as mentioned an elderly relative they have to pour a full bucket into the pan of the toilet to flush.

    Obviously this is far from ideal.

    But as mentioned just no help from plumber and no money to call out anyone else.
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    The fill valve
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    Unfortunately, swapping a ball valve for a fill valve like that will have NO effect on the flush, unless the fill level in the cistern hasn't been adjusted correctly, or the flush valve has been adjusted as per a post above.

    Not what you wanted to hear I fear, but unless it's purely an adjustment thing, the work is to standard.


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