Not sure if anyone else has also received something similar.

Having understood to have closed my MBNA run Abbey card some 12+ months ago I was surprised to get a letter recently suggesting some changes to the card. Turns out to be some welcome news though....seems Abbey are moving their credit cards away from MBNA and as an 'existing' customer Abbey are offering me one of their new Santander run cards.

The deal seems slightly better than if you apply direct via the Abbey website too - whilst it's only 6 months @ 0% there is no transfer fee plus if you BT over £1k they give you a cheque for £50. Still offering the 5% cashback on supermarket purchases etc too. The literature goes on to advise that the credit limit will be the same as under the old MBNA card so could be further good news.

Anyone in a similar situation might want to put in a call to Abbey and see if they can offer the same, the no on the letter is 08457 654321.

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