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Newbie needing help with UKCPS please

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First of all, I've been reading MSE for years just never had the need to post before so please be kind to the newest member of the clan :)

Just received a parking ticket from UKCPS for parking in a disabled bay without displaying a badge.

I am the registered keeper and driver. I am not disabled myself but I had a friend with me who is a blue badge holder. He told me that disabled badge holders do not have to display them but have to produce them on request. Therefore it wasn't displayed.

I've had the usual £60 if paid in 14 days £100 if I pay in 28 days.

I've read some posts saying don't contact them. I've read some posts saying they can't get my details from the DVLA so they can't actually enforce this 'invoice'. Some posts have said that UKCPS can now get my details.

I'm confused; what's the most accurate information that I need to know please? Do I ignore them?

Thank you for reading :)


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