NatWest 0% with fee or 3.9% for life question

Hi - for the first time in many years I'm going to be out of debt soon (woohoo). [salary / shares]

I had £4k of debt with NatWest at 5.9% but received a recent offer with 2 choices :
3.9% for the life of the balance with no fee
0% until Aug 08 (I think) with a 2% BT fee

I transferred this 4k debt to Barclaycard at 6.9% just to start from a nil balance at NatWest again.

I'm now about to pay off the 4k (Barclaycard) but figured I could use the rest (of my limit) for some stoozing. I'm tempted to go for the 3.9% deal over the 0% with fee. Is that the best approach? (go for the long term?)

My credit limit is 9k.
I have BT cheques so can just pay it into my bank account.
I pay basic tax (so far).

I'm tempted to get into stoozing a bit more - I have a few cards already and closed a few recently. The other cards have similar limits. I'm finding opening new cards hassle free recently.

What's a good account to put my stooze cash into?

(I've had a look at some posts, and I understand the ideas of stoozing just lacking a few specifics / knowledge at the mo.)



  • Assuming you can get a less than 3.9% Balance Transfer fee each year and you can be disciplined enough to switch it each year then the 0% route will always win out.

    The LOB gives you a bit of security though (i.e. if 0% BTs are withdrawn or increase in fees, or you can't get new cards). If the 3.9% offer is open to you for a long time then you could always do the 0% thing until any of the above start happening).
  • Thanks. I got the limit increased to 10k and then took the 3.9% as I haven't had many 0%s come my way (so far). I needed to act before Sept 28th.
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