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    Cafekate I agree with Gers, is your DH in a union? Or can you check the situation with ACAS? They might be doing something wrong and illegal and counting on your DH being so fed up that he won't challenge them. I took a BIG employer (a council) to industrial tribunal once and eventually they settled, I represented myself. Settlement was a pittance and I could have challenged it, ACAS were very helpful, but for me it was more the principle, I DID want nothing more to do with that horrible place! Best wishes.

    Also, thank you for validating my fears about the shard. I am sure that there are plenty of people that feel like this! To be fair, DH's employers and colleagues are a bunch of engineers and architects and used to heights, they even have their office on the top of a skyscraper, and DH would not have minded at all. He would have minded more about the cream tea (stodge).
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    Good evening chums ,well we arrived on the Island and it looks like its going to be a nice, if nippy day tomorrow.The flat we are staying in at Cowes has lots of room, and is set on around two floors.

    At the moment the boys and DGS Bens g/f are playing monopoly and DD and her OH have nipped down to get some milk and vino.to have with out rare and enjoyable fish @ chips. The journey down was OK until we got to just past J9 on the M25 then it crawled for about 40 minutes and we managed to get off at J.10 and came down the A3 instead. Made the boat Ok though, and are settled in OK.

    Re the Shard I am not keen on high places either and it would not appeal to me.But I guess some folk like it.

    My DGS Danny who is getting married on Christmas Eve is spending his wedding night at the Shard as a present from my eldest DD and her OH. apparently the wedding suite come complete with butler !!! what he would need a butler for on his wedding night I can't imagine :):):)

    Monnagran I agree its many a long year since you saw dusters being shaken out of the windows :):):)

    Right, DD is back with the vino so we are going to have a nice evening relaxing

    Cheers chums

    JackieO xx
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    My ds informed me that the loo in the shard is in a corner with and against glass on 2 sides.
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    I went to get weighed yesterday morning and found I had lost three and a half pounds and was slimmer of the week. Lugged home a huge bag of fruit, gave some to a dd and had about six portions of fruit for breakfast.

    Spent most of the day sorting out laundry and wrapping presents as well as deciding what goes into which stocking as a delivery of cosmetics and toiletries arrived this afternoon.

    Nice not to have to rush around and have a quiet day for a change as I want to pop to Leeds tomorrow to get something for youngest's birthday in January and go to York on Sunday to see older dd.

    Positives to all the poorlies and hugs to all
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    Caterina, DH was taken up the Shard by DD, it was a freebie thankfully, he was very underwhelmed. Apparently they had screens showing the view below but when he looked out it was different, the screen must have been playing a recording. He was also not impressedthat they served the champagne in plastic glasses.
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    Bless you all, the voices of reason, for your comments about the stoopid shard make me feel utterly normal in not liking it and not wanting to waste any time in it! That's why I love it here, reality check for common sense!

    Edited to wish JackieO and her family a lovely break, I adore the IoW, at one point DH and I were thinking of moving there in retirement.
    Finally I'm an OAP and can travel free (in London at least!).
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    I don't do heights too well either, caterina, the ground sucks and I feel panicky. So I wouldn't fancy that very much.

    I'm in bed, mice and warm.
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    CATERINA I have just finished a book by Erica James, The Dandelion Years, a lovely fictional story about a romance at Bletchley Park during the war. It made me fancy a visit to look up all the places mentioned. x
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    Ancientofdays yeh, that's the feeling, almost like I will jump agains my own will. Panic. Don't want to be put through uncomfortable feelings for fun!

    TA I will look that book up, thank you.
    Finally I'm an OAP and can travel free (in London at least!).
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