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Just when i thought my stoozing had come to an end up pops Capital one with a fee free 6.5k for 6 months to my high intrest account :j
So i thought i might try my luck with Lloyds Tsb and after getting past the first person i was directed to retentions who promptly after a few refusals of life of balance accepted a 13k balance transfer for 6 months fee free:T :T

So i recon this should net me £400 for free:j :j :j :j

Only need virgin and egg to catch up now with the rest ;)


  • IVE a lloyds tsb card with £9000 limit, my previous deal ended in Aug, reading above post,gave it a try today, only offer 0% for 6 months with 3% fee or 4.9% for 6 months with 3% fee, queried 3 times with her about the fee on the 4.9% deal, said i would close account, ok its done was the reply(oops),
  • mabe you just sounded better on the phone, o well i suppose i can apply again in 6 or so months
  • It helps if you can say that you have been offered a better deal with another card company in my case i used the capital one deal which i had already applied for but in the past i have played the halifax off against the tsb and mbna off against the halifax you dont always have to have evidence of the deal you just bluff your way through at the end of the day they can only say no and just try another day
  • Well to be honest, i was not that well prepared having had an account for 30 years, thought they might have offered something without to much effort, ill be more carefull next time (probably will leave the growling out too)
  • I have a lloyds tsb platinum visa card, which I never used- until I came across this site!

    So, I called them to cancel and they offered m 0% for 9 months and no fee. So I transferred 8K to egg money, then to NS&I and icesave!

    The 9 months just finished, so I plaid off the card with the savings and called Lloyds to cancel again. This time 0% no fee for 6 off I go again!

    Plus, M&S & More card offered 3.9% for the life of the balance, so just transferred 6.5K to NS&I and icesave via egg money!

    Egg card was less than impressive. I called to cancel and they offered nothing without a fee. Virgin card were happy to just let me cancel the card rather than offer anything great, but gave me their retentions dept number, so will have a crack at them on monday..

    Hard to keep track of all this plastic!!!
  • And it gets better the capital one card came this morning with a 12k limit so rang them up activated the card and balance transfered another £5900 so thats £11900 including my original 6k from them.
    Money for nothing.
    Long live stoozing fee free
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