Living abroad, selling a flat in a bit. Pitfalls??

I purchase a property on the right to buy scheme in the '90s and lived there for several years. In 2000, I went and worked aboroad for a couple of years, coming back long enough to complete my immigration papers for Canada, where I now live. In 2000-2002, the flat was let out through an estate agent and is now let to a housing association. I have paid UK tax as a non-resident with property rental income.
I remortgaged on a short term variable rate mortgage which expires in July 2006, at which time I would like to sell the property and buy something here in Canada. Based on current valuations, I would have approx 200k after repaying the mortgage.
How can I minimise the cost implications to myself in selling the property and transferring the money out of England to buy my new house? If necessary, I can return to the UK for a while.  
Thank you,
Paddy :-/
For reseach based medical info try (remember it is Canada and British Columbia specifuic though)


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