If you were planting up pots now....

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Hope you green fingered posters don't mind me picking your brains:).

Because of timing of holidays and a heavy workload my DH hasn't been able to plant up the patio pots this year. We have a number which have (last year's) compost in them but completely empty.

I have a few others which have perennials in them (hostas, rhododendrons etc).

Is there anything I could be planting now? What would you suggest for the empty pots (other than hiding them away ;))?



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    I am going to put pansies in where my Livingstone Daisies have been but not sure what to put in hanging baskets. Maybe violas and mini bulbs - its always nice to have something to look forward to.
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    Can I offer my opinion, we only plant up pots in the summer, we do not bother with winter plant because we are at work 5 days a week and during the winter months we go to work in the dark and come home in the dark so we do not see them. From what you say, you are the same. So I just plant bulbs now for March.
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    Bulbs for the spring - try layers - crocus or iris reticulata on top, then daffodils, then tulips. You'll get waves of flowers at different times. You could plant pansies/primulas on top, mostly so that there is low-growing green, with occasional flowers, to look at rather than bare compost all winter.
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    Thanks for the advice I'm going to take it all on board.

    As I'm trying to do this by myself, I'll move the smaller pots to the side of the house out of sight and leave them empty.

    The large ones which are far too heavy for me to move I'll go for the layering which sounds like a brilliant idea.

    And I'm going to go for some primulas as well. I'm not a fan of the brightly coloured ones but if I can find the pale yellow primrose ones then I'll buy them.

    Need to take a trip to the garden centre but I think I'll give it a miss over the Bank Holiday.:)
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