Children investments

My husband and myself wish to invest £5,000 for each of our children as well as contributing monthly to it. Any suggestions on best options?


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    Lots of choices, depends whether you want children to have automatic access at 18 or whether to control in your name.

    If automatic then JISA, if your name then S&S ISA. Personally I'd probably pick a fund such as Vanguard VLS80 or 100 to go in it but that might depend on their ages and when the money is needed.
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    recommending investments is a regulated activity and would be a breach of the board rules if we were to do it.

    However, even if we were to ignore that, you have given us absolutely nothing to go on as to reduce the 50,000 or so options that exist.

    Discussion and comment can be made but give us a bit more to go on. Are you looking at trusts (probably not with just £5k) but are you looking at Junior ISAs, or unit trusts where you are in control but the investment is held under designation or investment trusts or did you mean savings accounts? How old are the children and when did you want them to have control of the money?
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  • Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am sorry if I am being vague but this is totally new language to us both. ISAs, Shares etc is really allen and we are just trying to find out as much as possible and the best options for investing. Our kids are 9, 11 and 13 we have CTFs obviously and a small post office accounts that we use to put away birthday monies etc but we want to invest this money for them and begin more regular savings. I know its probably a lot later than most people but we are really only in a position financially now to begin doing it. Thanks again.
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