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We are due to remortgage at the end of 2017. We can overpay 10% a year without any fee. Say we have essentially 15% overpayments saved, is it possible to use 10% to overpay, then somehow pay off another 5% before we switch to another provider without any penalties? In my head I'm thinking we remortgage at a lower amount (-5%) but I'm not sure who we would actually pay the 5% to and whether that's at all possible!

If not possible, any other suggestions welcome. Thinking trying to pick a mortgage with no cap on overpayments when we remortgage is perhaps an option?

Hope that makes sense. And thanks in advance.
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    I think I meant to post this in the general mortgage question board, not sure how I move it though!
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    Could you OP the 10% and then get them to change the term so that your standard monthly payment was equal to the old payment + 5% of property value? It would put up your monthly payment, sure there must be some way to finesse the desired amount.
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