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Please help

Hey everyone.

I am writing this forum for advice please. OK so my father has been sent to prison for a historic offence and completely destroyed me. To the point where I couldn't work and couldn't leave the house. This guy was my best friend and I felt so hurt and betrayed.

I lost a lot of things including my phone which wasn't a contract. My dad from prison seeing me go downhill from all this told me to get myself a phone to help keep in contact with him and look for work. My credit rating after this mental breakdown hado put me in a financial situation where I couldn't get a contract. Could hardly eat let alone look towards anything like that.

My dad ran to my resque maybe out of gilt from himself but he told me to get a contract in his name and when I'm back on my feet I pay him back and make repayments.

Well I am back on my feet and working. I cannot do anything regarding this phone as it's registered in his name. I have been trying to change it or pay the termination fee but they ask to speak with him.

Which I respond well he isn't here he is in prison. So finally a advisor agreed for me to pay termination and have PAC code. Which has now been blocked as the account holder hasn't done it. I don't know what to do and now have researched and I don't think he was allowed to give me permission to take out a contract. It's just a huge leap forward and now two leaps back.

Have I unbeing known to me committed a crime. To be honest I wasn't in a position to even consider I have. Have I committed identity fraud? Is he allowed to give permission.

Can anyone offer me help at all. Thank you


  • Stevie_Palimo
    Stevie_Palimo Posts: 3,306 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    If the network is owed no money then the police will not come to you in a dawn raid and place you in a cell next to your father.

    Seriously if it is all squared up then worry not.
  • Redemption0202
    Well there is money but I want to just pay it and ideally get the pac but they won't let me.

    My dad isn't prosecuting me for fraud as he has a letter to me stating it all. Just can't get EE to accept or accept termination payment.
  • NiftyDigits
    NiftyDigits Posts: 10,459 Forumite
    I take it that you are a woman. Otherwise, since you know all of the passwords and security on the account, the network would have been none the wiser.
    Of course I won't tell you what you should do and should have done in this case....but I think that you understand ;)
  • mchale
    mchale Posts: 1,886 Forumite
    In other words get a male to ring up, pretending to be your dad to sort it out, HTH's
    ANURADHA KOIRALA ??? go on throw it in google.
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