Please help! Parking fine from Greenwich Council

Hello, I'm a first time poster.

I visited a friend who lives in Greenwich on a Friday night and parked on the street outside his house. I parked outside a building site alongside other cars and the road did not seem to be marked.

At other areas of the road there were yellow lines which had signs telling you not to park there during working hours on week days.

I did not take photos of the signs or the position of my car and it was parked there all friday night and much of Saturday until I left the next day.

I have now received (nearly a month later) a penalty charge notice from Royal borough of Greenwich. I did not have a yellow sticker on my car. The charge of the PCN is £130, increasing to £195 if I do not pay within 28 days. This seems incredibly high from charges in my local council, so I checked their website and it does have a £130 charge but it says that I would get a 50% discount if paid 14 days in advance. There is no notice of that on the letter.

The reason I am being charged is DS95 - parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours. Does that sound like a "Serious contravention"?

I guess I'm looking for advice. It's a lot of money to find and I want to know whether it is worth trying to contest it. I feel that I'm being charged for something that wasn't clear (no yellow lines where I parked) but I have no way of proving that. There was also no photo on the parking notice, and the only other parking notice I've ever had had a photo on. Should I ask them to prove that I was in "serious contravention?"

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me!



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