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Best form filler for Firefox

BewlayBewlay Forumite
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Hi, I've recently changed from Chrome to Firefox as the former kept crashing in Windows 10. Chrome has a built in form filler which covered the basics but the Firefox equivalent does not appear to work (unless I'm being thick...quite possibly!). Which of the free form fillers (Last Pass, Roboform, Dashlane, another) do people use with Firefox please? I want to keep it simple.

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    stefalfie11stefalfie11 Forumite
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    I always use Firefox for comping and I have both Last Pass and Roboform installed. I mainly use Roboform because I find that it is quicker to use than Last Pass ( I can get my details filled in with one click rather than the two it takes me for Last Pass - sounds stupid but every little helps!). However, sometimes Last Pass fills in forms that Roboform doesn't - for some reason every so often Roboform seems to miss a couple of sections or in some cases the complete form when filling in your details which is why I like to have both at hand.

    Whatever you decide to use- good luck :)
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