Computer died. How can I transfer Windows 7 OS to new machine?

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Hi all. I have a Dell PC that died recently. A good friend told me it was either a cpu or motherboard problem. So, was browsing a hot deal site today and there is a decent PC that's cheap that has no HDD and no OS. It is a shame to throw my dead PC in the bin when the HDD is fine, but more importantly I own the OS (Win 7). How can I get this OS off the dead PC and use on another PC? Surely I haven't lost my OS just because the PC has died. The dead PC Case still has the Win 97 licence sticker on it.

Any help please?


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    you can download win 7 (iso)from here

    you have to enter your serial key

    burn to dvd or pendrive and reload

    when you are ready ,people will explain how to "burn" the iso

    edit: you only have a win97 licence key , where did you get your version of win 7 from?

    if you have not got that ser number you might be able to mount the drive in a caddy and extract the ser No using magic jellybean or other program
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  • Sorry. It's not 97. It's Windows 7. !!!!!! Predictive text.

    Thanks for the advice.
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    ok type ser into that page , d/load the iso and ask for burning instructions when ready
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    Is it a full retail copy or OEM copy of win 7?
    (I suspect here that it is a pre-installed OEM copy by Dell prior to the sale).

    note that if an OEM copy from Dell the licence key on the machine as seen by keyfinders like 'jellybean' will be Dell's volume licence used to install and will be different from the official licence key Dell allocated to your machine which will be on a sticker somewhere on the PC.

    ...and I thought that OEM licences can only be used on the original computer and never transferred on......which is why they are so much cheaper than full retail licences.
  • The machine is not with me at the moment.

    It came pre installed with Win7 on it but there is a CD in a sealed, clear sellophane packet that is Black and has a Dell logo. If my memory serves me right it says something along the lines of 'Only to be used with a new PC'

    Thank you
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    If it's an OEM copy, you'll need to re-activate using Microsoft's phone-line, maybe have to explain to someone you've changed the mobo etc.
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    If the replacement PC is a Dell one then you should be fine to install Windows 7 from the media and enter the key from the old one's sticker.

    If it's not a Dell then there may be issues in trying to do that.

    Dell tend to have proprietary cases, power supplies & mobos, but use standard parts for other components (CPU, RAM, drives, cards).

    Which model of Dell is it?
  • Will let you know when I get back to work on weds. Thanks all.
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    have you tried entering the ser no (on the broken computer) in the m/soft website to see if it will allow a d/load?
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