Epson printer driver since W10 upgrade

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I have an Epson SX-215 printer.
Prev used no problems with w7, recently took the free upgrade to 10, now its showing as using "Epson v4 class driver" which I think is a windows default one, and when I print its now VERY SLOW, seems to be set to mega highest quality, printed a text only letter I was sent and it took over 20mins... before it would have been 20 seconds... and there is no ink monitor etc available or any maintenance settings like in the Epson drivers.

I can find no way to reduce quality or improve speed in the installed driver settings and there is no link to a w10 driver for this model on Epson site, only w7, which wont install I tried, all it shows for w10 is Epson software updater, which when run doesn't find any Epson software installed and closes!

Is it just not compatible with 10 and I am stuck with it??
As if it is I might as well but a new one, as take 20mins to print a letter, god knows how long a photo will take???


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