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How to invest £3,000

Hi all,

I have £3,000 which I would like to invest.

I'm not a massive risk taker but I want to make money from investing.

Where's best to put this money? I've been suggested Fidelity or JP Morgan but then also seen things like Invest in Gatwick Parking.

There's a lot I've been reading up on. So thanks in advance for any help suggested.



  • jimjamesjimjames Forumite
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    MushGee wrote: »
    Where's best to put this money? also seen things like Invest in Gatwick Parking.
    If you're not a massive risk taker why would you put your money in an unregulated investment where you can lose 100% of your cash?
    Guarantees are worthless with an unregulated investment and you'll find plenty of examples of similar ones where people have lost all their money.

    Fidelity and JP Morgan are companies they aren't investments unless you are looking to buy shares in them.
    Remember the saying: if it looks too good to be true it almost certainly is.
  • ColdIronColdIron Forumite
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    You could look at this thread started a few minutes before this one
    I assume you are considering a time frame in excess of 5 years?
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