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Ziffit - please feed back


This thread is specifically to discuss feedback for
Ziffit (Link)

If you've traded in games, books, DVDs or CDs using Ziffit, please give us your feedback.

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  • Huskyrunner
    Huskyrunner Posts: 542 Forumite
    i have used them several times and they were very good

    also compared with there competition music magpie and webuybooks.co.uk
    they paid out much faster
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  • turneredge
    I have used Ziffit for the last 8 months it pays to check which of these site give the best price for items. My only reservation with Ziffit is that if the item does not meet their criteria they reportedly immediately destroy it. Their competitors at a cost to the seller will return the unacceptable items.
    Also I have found them to be slower to pay out compared to others
  • KittaKatta
    KittaKatta Posts: 64 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    edited 5 March 2017 at 3:33PM
    I recently sold old books, DVDs and CDs to Music Magpie, WeBuyBooks, Ziffit and Momox.
    I have used Music Magpie in the past and have been happy with their service, although the payment used to be slow.
    Having discovered the other companies through the MSE webpage I entered the ISBN codes in all of them and simply sold to the one making the best offer.
    MusicMagpie and WeBuyBooks offer the easiest (free) postal service with home collection. Ziffit and Momox offer a drop-off service only.
    MusicMagpie confirmed receipt of the parcel exactly a week after it was collected and paid on the same day by bank transfer, accepting all the items. The payment was on my account the following day. Excellent service. :T
    WeBuyBooks and Ziffit confirmed receipt 6 days after posting. Ziffit accepted all the items on the same day, providing a Paypal payment. WBB took 3 working days to check the items (accepting them all) and provided payment by bank transfer immediately after. Both payments arrived on the same day.
    No news from Momox two weeks after posting. Since they are in Germany, however, they will naturally take longer.

    Update: I have just realized that you can get extra cashback on both Ziffit and MusicMagpie through TopCashBack so I will make sure to use this in the future.
  • Blencathra50
    I had a clear out last year and decided to give Ziffit a try instead of Music Magpie who I had used before. I had a vast array of music and DVDS and I was surprised that Ziffit quoted over £2 for some items. My items were in very good condition and one of which was a country and western compilation set of DVDS which were held in a good condition box cover also. Ziffit initially quoted me £2.54 for this. However as we know they wield the power stick once they check your items over. I then received the email from them listing what they would pay us for and low and behold the higher value items were not there. Ziffit said they were damaged and could not pay out on them. What a load of rubbish !! How come I was not surprised , too good to be true. Believe me it was in excellent condition as I look after my things and we wrapped every item in bubble wrap. So the initial value of £45 for all items went down to about £32. I bet they would sell the items on at good prices too. I personally would not use them again.
  • MissPop
    MissPop Posts: 948 Forumite
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    edited 1 March 2018 at 3:03PM
    I recently had a clear out of old Xbox 360 games and foreign language DVDs - I got a quote of £9.48 for 19 items from MusicMagpie. I checked on Ziffit for the same items and although it would only accept 14 of them, I got £12.27. Some of the items were offered at twice the amount on Ziffit compared to MusicMagpie, so I'm happy with that :)

    Received the money by PayPal 8 days after sending my stuff off :)

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  • Ashley2402
    I always use Ziffit for selling old books and dvd's! Compared to other sites that buy books and dvd's, every time I have checked and done a comparison Ziffit always pays the best. I do find that quite often there will be a number of the items that I'm getting rid of that they won't accept, but they still accept a substantial amount of them and pay out a decent amount. I always try selling on eBay first personally, but if I have items that just aren't selling then I will use Ziffit. They have plenty of drop-off points you can use and they keep you well up to date with the process and transfer the money quickly once the items have been accepted.
  • Bess_H
    Bess_H Posts: 1 Newbie
    Warning if you have "not for resale" or "ex-rental" stated in your DVD packaging.
    I spent ages putting each bar code in via the Ziffit website for some 80 odd items. They accepted 55 and I packaged them all up and sent them back. However, I have now been told that because 9 items were marked "not for resale/ex-rental" they would not pay me and have in fact disposed of them.
    I contacted Ziffit but have not had a sensible answer as to (i) why their website accepted these items in the first place, and (ii) why is it not stated very clearly when adding the barcodes that any items with the words "not for resale/Ex-Rental" won't be accepted and they'll dispose of them. The response I get is "see our T&C's", but when I ask for the specific clause they are relying on, I don't get an answer. In their clause 6 there is the subclause below, but this says nothing about them being disposed of:-
    Reasons for rejection: we reserve the right to, at our sole discretion, reject items and/or cancel or amend your order where:
    (c) we suspect the producer or original owner has restricted the item’s resale (this may include, but not limited to, ex-rental copies).

    I would have taken these 9 items to one of our local charity shops instead of Ziffit disposing of them.
    I am very disappointed with Ziffit - why did they accept them?!
  • mikb
    mikb Posts: 575 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary Name Dropper
    Just signed up with Ziffit to go through a pile of books as a test -- they reject a lot of items (presumably they already have them), but  the offers are nothing spectacular, especially considering the books are in new or nearly new condition. However, having agreed a trade on a load of items, I found a suitable box and tested the weight -- 17.5 Kg.
    Their system claims to know the weight of items, and will select the correct shipping service (Collect+ for < 10Kg -- this is the limit for Collect+ dropoff, DPD or other home collection for > 10Kg).
    Unfortunately, it is keen for me to drop them off and generate a Collect+ label -- this won't work. If the shop don't notice it's overweight, the Collect+ driver may well refuse it.
    I've contacted them to report this, but they say the system will pick correctly, and they can't over-ride it.
    Back to eBay it is then ...
  • Jill_London
    I have had a couple of successful transactions with them but am presently in a dispute over their transportation service.  As with mikb's post above, the shipping has created a nightmare.  I had one parcel to be collected for Ziffit.  I was a small parcel with only 5 small books in it and all you have to do is write a number on it and it is mysteriously collected by persons unknown.  This did in fact happen but the mysterious person (DPD actually) picked up three parcels despite the fact that the other two were marked up with UPS labels.  Nearly 2 months down the line, after being given the run around by DPD, I found that they had in fact been delivered to Ziffit along with the original parcel.  I was delighted to find them, but during the email communications (Ziffit's phone lines have been switched off due to the coronavirus situation), they told me that the only thing that they could do with the parcels was put them on the 'misdirected parcels pallet' to be collected by DPD!  Even though they identified the parcels, there appeared to be no way of telling DPD where the parcels should go.  My address is on the label but it is a very small 'return address', easily overlooked.  DPD refuse to communicate with me now because they say that they were told to collect 3 parcels and, as the contract is between Ziffit and themselves then I have no rights, and Ziffit have stopped answering my emails after telling me that the pallet was collected on 13 May - 16 days ago.  So I am left with £70 of eBay sales that I have had to refund and it appears, no rights at all.  Ziffit's customer care 'systems' are in disarray, it is impossible to speak to anyone and the courier companies are a law unto themselves and if something goes wrong then no-one is interested.
  • leelad
    leelad Posts: 131 Forumite
    First Anniversary First Post Name Dropper
    Entered into a transaction with Ziffit for 10 CD's (various genres and artists) which they have priced at a total of £3.50. I accept that CDs are not much money nowadays, just need them off my hands (along with plenty more CDs). Let's see how it goes. Ziffit say on their website that they price competitively Vs their peers, is that true? They seem to be very selective in what CDs they can and cannot take. Let's see if I get reimbursed this money from them, dropping off the parcel today. 
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