Universal credits and education. help?

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[My re-post from another forum as this one may be better suited]

So. I'm 26 years old. I'm currently on universal credits, (handing in a sick note every month as i'm not entitled to ESA)
I'm unable to work atm due to mental health status. But slowly getting better.

Trying to move back down to liverpool to be near my 7 year old daughter again after having to move up to scotland due to an abusive relationship. I'm a none resident parent, she lives with her dad (not the same guy i fled from). And I usually get weekend access.

I'm looking to start uni, however the course I'm determined to go on, I haven't go the right qualifications for. So I've applied to a pre-access full science course that I should hopefully be starting this september.
HOWEVER. I'm scared.. As, even though, the course itself is paid for if i'm still on benefits when I enrol, and I would get help with course costs, such as travel and text books etc. It's a 15 hour course, 3 days a week, which I get 3 GCSE's at the end of it... It doesn't say whether its part time or full..
My concern is.
What will happen to my universal credits? What if by then I'm better but still haven't found a job or, what if I do have a job but because of the course I can't do loads of hours.. How will I afford bills? rent? food? :/

Would doing this course put me in a situation where i'm basically in poverty for a year? Does anyone know, as I can't seem to find any information anywhere for someone in my situation :/ what I can do. If I can still be on UC, would i have to get a part time job, or would getting one mean i'd be worse off?
How have other people survived on a 15 hour (3 days a week) adult course.

Also the weekend is the only time i will get to see my child.. And thats the reason I'm braving moving back there.. I cannot miss out on my time with her. SHE cannot miss out on time with her mum.. So .. A weekend job is out of the question.. I'd rather not even go on the course, and be able to see her than miss out on seeing her..
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